Sarah Ferguson, Shannen Doherty & Other Stars Who Have Had Breast Cancer and Are Raising Awareness

Unfortunately, breast cancer is all too common, and it can happen to anyone. 12 percent of U.S. women are expected to develop breast cancer at some point in their lives — that’s 1 in 8. Not to mention that Black women are more likely to be diagnosed with a more severe form of it called triple-negative breast cancer. 

In hopes of raising awareness about early prevention and treatment options, which may give people a better chance of survival, many celebrities have shared their breast cancer struggle and hurdles they’ve faced along the way.

These women have been incredibly brave to open up their personal stories to the media, risking personal comfort for the opportunity to show solidarity and share what they wished they’d known at the time of diagnosis. A cancer diagnosis is a bewildering, terrifying, and isolating thing to have happen. For those battling cancer now, these stars are letting them know they’re not alone — and fighting to ensure better statistics than 1 in 8 for future generations.

Here are all the celebrities who have opened up about their breast cancer and how their lives have ben affected.

Sarah Ferguson

The Dutchess of York just went public about her breast cancer diagnosis in June 2023 on her podcast Tea Talks with the Dutchess and Sarah. She and her co-host Sarah Thomson recorded the episode the day before Ferguson went into surgery for a mastectomy. Ferguson spoke out about her diagnostic process via a mammogram, which she partially credits to her sister, per People. She almost put off going into London for a mammogram, as she didn’t have any symptoms that concerned her, but her sister Jane urged her not to put it off during a phone conversation. “Thank you, Jane,” she said. “I think it’s so important you do talk about it.”

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Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015 and has always been candid about her disease until recently. The 90210 star shared in an interview with Good Morning America that she initially didn’t want to tell anyone her cancer had come back because she didn’t want people thinking her life was over and that she couldn’t still work. “Like, you know, our life doesn’t end the minute we get that diagnosis. We still have some living to do.”

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