Raw meat-eating TikToker films himself eating entire SHEEP HEAD

Woolly disgusting! Raw meat-eating TikTok star films himself devouring an entire SHEEP HEAD – including its eyeballs and brain – in repulsive stunt

  • Pauly Long, 31, has now tried a sheep’s head which tasted ‘like lamb’
  • He said the brain was like ‘mushy mush’ and that the eyeballs tasted like cheeks
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A Pennsylvanian TikTok star who has become infamous for eating raw animal testicles has filmed himself chowing down on a sheep’s head.

Pauly Long, who now lives in Bali with his wife and ten-month-old son, can be seen tearing off bits of cheek from the skull before popping out its eyeball and slicing off the tongue.

The 31-year-old also made sure not to miss out on the brain, after smashing the skull open with a hammer, which he said tasted like ‘mushy mush’.

Mr Long — who calls himself the Testicle King — switched to the unusual diet after believing that it could cure his digestive issues and being inspired by the Liver King.

Pauly Long, 31, from Pennsylvania, has now tried a sheep’s head (pictured). After it was too tough to consume raw, he ended up putting it in the oven

Above Mr Long is shown preparing the lamb skull to be cooked before trying to consume it again

He shot to fame in April 2022 after he posted a video of himself eating a goat testicle.

He says that thanks to all the raw meat he now has ‘better energy, better digestion, more strength and muscle, higher testosterone and better mood stabilization’. He also alleges to have better skin and improved libido.

But health organizations warn people against eating raw meat — an increasingly popular trend — saying it puts them at increased risk of picking up diseases.

Among his other bizarre dietary habits are eating raw cow hearts — which his wife says makes his breath smell the worst — goat liver and pancreas.

But in one of his recent videos, which has racked up 200,000 views on TikTok and 1,300 on YouTube, he tries a sheep’s head.

Fitness coach credits raw meat for his ripped body 


Weam Breiche, 31, a health and fitness coach from Los Angeles, claims that his controversial eating habits have left him feeling better and looking younger.

In the video posted to his YouTube channel, Mr Long is shown proudly holding up a raw lamb head in a plastic bag, and ripping off part of its cheek before putting it in the oven.

He then places it in the oven saying the flesh is too tough before it emerges crackling sometime later.

The clip then shows him scooping out and eating the eyeball, which squirts and leaks a black fluid, and slicing off the tongue before munching on it.

He then splits the jaw from the skull to get at the rest of the tongue — which appears mostly raw.

Next, he places the skull in a cardboard box and pulls out a hammer. He smashes through the skull before scooping out the brain and licking it off his fingers. 

Describing the taste, he said: ‘Brain is just… mush. Raw or cooked, it’s just mushy mush. There was nothing to it.’

He added: ‘I ate an eyeball after cooking, which honestly just tasted like the rest of it.

‘Everything on a lamb just tastes like lamb.

‘I ate the tongue too which was really good. 

‘I’ve only ever had beef tongue, so this lamb tongue was a nice treat. It was really tender and had a good flavour.’

As well as the sheep’s head, Mr Long is also known to enjoy raw organs including heart, liver, spleen, brain and pancreas. 

Health organizations have warned people against eating raw meat, saying it puts them at higher risk of diseases and limits the amount of nutrients they can absorb.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says whole cuts of beef, pork, veal and lamb should always be heated to at least 145F (62C) before consumption to ensure any dangerous bacteria have been killed off.

They warn that raw meat may contain harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E.coli that can cause food poisoning.

Above he is shown removing the eye from the skull before consuming it. He said that the eye tasted just like the rest of the lamb

After eating the eye he then split open the skull to get access to the tongue inside. It was still raw

He is pictured above chewing on the tongue that he had pulled out of the skull

He also broke open the skull with a hammer before scooping out the brain using his fingers. He said that it tasted like ‘mushy mush’

He now lives in Bali, Indonesia, with his wife Vania (pictured) and their ten-month-old son

Eating some organs, such as brains, can also expose people to dangerous proteins that can cause diseases.

Mr Long said he decided to eat the sheep’s head because it was a ‘unique’ part of the animal and an area he hadn’t had before.

He said: ‘I tried lamb head simply because it’s a very unique part of the animal that’s not just eating a typical steak.

‘I’ve heard good things about the cheek being a really good cut of meat.

‘I got the head to make fun content with.’

He now hopes to try another lamb head again when he is back in Bali.

He said that his family and wife Vania were initially grossed out by the habit, but that they have all now become very supportive. 

On an average day, Mr Long consumes six to eight eggs in the morning alongside four to six pieces of bacon.

He will then have a raw steak and some kind of organ, such as a liver, heart or testicle.

He will also have 650ml of raw goat milk, a whole roast chicken and 500 grams of salmon sashimi, kefir, butter and cheese.

For snacks, he may have nuts and bits of fruit. On cheat days, he dines out on raw cheeseburgers.

He shares videos of himself eating testicles about once a week.

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