Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush review

The Oclean X Pro Elite is a great all-round electric toothbrush, with technical features that make it easy to customize your brushing regime and monitor areas you may need to work on. The touchscreen is easy to use, with 32 levels of intensity and four brushing modes, as well as the option to change the duration of your brushing time. It is priced affordably for a smart toothbrush, performing just as well as more expensive options. 


Four brushing modes

Post-brush summary with eight highlighted areas


Wall-mounted holder

Noise reduction technology

Fast charging in 3.5 hours

Waterproof touchscreen 

One month+ of battery life  

Auto on/off feature 

The brush has app-pairing capabilities, which allow you to monitor your brushing scores (each time you use it, the brush rates your session) and also see how soon you might need to change the brush-head. The app also allows you to check in on family members, which makes it easier for parents to monitor kids’ brushing times and notice if there are any areas of their mouth that might need extra attention. The app can be overwhelming, with many options and tabs, but once you get the hang of it, it gives you a depth of analysis that can elevate your brushing.

Read on for our full review of the Oclean X Pro, including it’s performance, functionality and user reviews. Plus, to see how it compares to others on the market, check out our guide to the best electric toothbrushes.

Oclean X Pro Elite review: Design

The Oclean X Pro Elite is a sleek, gray brush with a large touchscreen in the center of the base that lets you select your cleaning regime and check in on how well you’re doing.  

With the amount of settings it has, the toothbrush can be confusing at first, but it gives you a degree of personalization that means you can find the best cleaning settings for you. There are four brushing modes, with 32 intensity levels, so you can find a favorite whether you have sensitive teeth, or want a deep clean. The standard brushing time is set for two minutes, but you can opt for longer if you want, with the touchscreen giving the option to customize the mode, duration and intensity from the brush itself. You can use a quiz in the Oclean app to find the right brushing settings for your needs. We had ours on white mode, intensity four and set for three minutes of brushing time.

The head is easy to change, just popping off the top of the toothbrush and slotting back into place without any twisting or buttons to fiddle with. The charger is USB-compatible, meaning you can plug it into a laptop or standard phone charger and it should be charged by the next time you need to brush, taking approximately 3.5 hours for a full charge. The charge lasts at least a month, with an animation indicating when the battery goes below 20% and needs to be recharged.

The wall-mounted magnetic storage is useful and claims to keep the brush-head free of bacteria as it keeps it from sitting on bathroom surfaces. We found that the wall-mounted storage was a useful bathroom space-saver. Oclean also sells travel cases, electric water picks and holder/charger options, as well as extra brush-heads.

Oclean X Pro Elite review: Functionality

The brush holds your hand through the cleaning process. It tells you when to move to a new section of your mouth by vibrating every 30 seconds and gives you a summary of your clean when you’ve finished, highlighting on the screen which areas you may have missed. This data is then stored in the app so you can keep track of your brushing, day-to-day. If you have several Oclean X Pro Elites, there is family mode on the app, which allows you to monitor other family members’ brushing and check when brush-heads need replacing.

The brush automatically switches on as you pick it up and switches itself off after a period of inactivity. You can pause it by pressing the power button, and scroll through the touchscreen to change modes. We found the touchscreen fiddly at first, but once we got the hang of swiping through the settings, it became easy to use. We would also note that the touchscreen might make the brush unsuitable for someone with a visual impairment, as it is small. 

Oclean X Pro Elite review: Performance

The brush-head is a great shape for cleaning the whole mouth, and our teeth felt clean after a brush even on a low-intensity setting. We were expecting a round brush-head, as we were used to oscillating brushes, but the speed at which the brush vibrates makes the longer, oblong brush-head useful for cleaning tooth surfaces bit by bit, as you would with a manual brush. As a sonic-type toothbrush, the Oclean X Pro Elite uses high speeds and high frequency sound waves to remove plaque from the surfaces of your teeth, brushing at up to 42,000 rpm. This is more than your average oscillating electric toothbrush, which comes in at 1,300-8,800 rpm. 

The battery life sold this product for us, as we didn’t need to worry about storing it in a charger and only needed to plug it in once a month. This is useful if you’re traveling and don’t have the time or resources to regularly charge your toothbrush. 

Oclean X Pro Elite review: What’s good about it?

If you want to know exactly how well you are brushing, and enjoy gadgetry, this is the toothbrush for you. We found the touchscreen functional and simple to use and the app made it easy for us to keep track of brushing performance and target areas. 

The brush is quiet in comparison with other brands, which makes it a less-invasive experience, particularly if you have sensory issues or are trying to avoid waking someone. We found that if we accidentally knocked the back of the brush against our teeth, the vibrations made a loud noise and reverberated through the jaw, but we managed to avoid doing that after a few uses. 

Oclean X Pro Elite review: What’s not so good about it?

There is no grip or texture on the Oclean X Pro Elite handle, which may make it less suitable for those with fine motor problems or for kids. Although the handle is chunky, the vibrations when it is on make it easy to drop, and if you aren’t paying attention you may accidentally lose your grip when taking it off/putting it on the wall-mounted holder. 

Although the brushing score with a visual showing you where you need to brush more is useful, you can’t see it while you’re brushing, so you can’t rectify it if you are neglecting a certain area until you brush again. The app means you can keep an eye on these summaries, but if you are in a rush it isn’t practical to check before you brush.

The lack of color choices might put some people off, as may the lack of a complimentary travel case. However, considering the performance of the brush, these elements are secondary to performance and user-friendliness.

Oclean X Pro Elite review: User reviews

Users rate the Oclean X Pro Elite highly, with a 4-star average on Amazon. People particularly like the battery life and the smooth, clean feeling of teeth after use. The wall-mounted toothbrush holder is mentioned several times for its functionality and one user praised it for being light and easy to hold. A couple of less-positive reviews mention that the brush doesn’t vibrate with the strength or intensity of competitor brands.

Should you buy the Oclean X Pro Elite?

We loved the Oclean X Pro Elite and would recommend you buy it if you love analysis and getting into the nitty-gritty of your teeth-cleaning regime. The family mode also makes it useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ dental health or want reminders of when to change the brush-head for other family members.   

If this product isn’t for you

If you don’t think the Oclean X Pro Elite is the electric toothbrush for you, you might want to try the Oral B Genius X for another app-driven option, or the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 for a sonic-based alternative. 

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