New dental fillings have double the service life compared to normal seals

Adhesive from the auto industry allows for better dental fillings

Recently, a new plant was presented in substance to the tooth filling to double the lifespan of seals in the teeth. A special adhesive from the auto industry, for example, used to make bumpers harder.

An American research team at the Oregon Health & Science University developed a new dental filling, double-keep as long as current fillings. A glue from the car industry ensures that the seals are 30 percent harder. The new dental filling has been recently presented in the journals “Scientific Reports”, and “Dental Materials”.

After 10 years of fillings are leaking

“Today’s dental fillings holding an average of only seven to ten years to your Scheitern“, the first author of the study Dr. Carmem Pfeifer, reported in a press release announcing the study results. Thereafter, the risk that the seals give way under the pressure of chewing or a gap between the filling and the Tooth is forming, raise the again bacterial penetration and caries can form. By any further restoration of the Tooth will always be weaker, which can ultimately lead to root canal damage, a lost Tooth, or severe infections, the Professor of restorative dentistry.

Long-lasting dental restoration, thanks to a new adhesive

In the study described adhesive used for a certain type of plastic (Polymer). The so-called Methacrylamide are much more resistant to water, bacteria and enzymes in the mouth than any of the currently used adhesives in the dentistry. In the auto industry has proven to be the glue already, to bumpers to make more resistant to. Also in the case of wooden terraces, it is used to protect the wooden decks from weathering.

In the future, less visits to the dentist necessary?

“Stronger dental material also means that the patient fills, not so often repair or replace müssen&#8220 can;, the expert explains. This will save not only money, Stress and tooth pain, but prevent also serious problems, as well as more comprehensive treatments that may arise from bacteria in the teeth.

Daily Dental Care

Experts recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day thoroughly. The best time is about 30 minutes after each meals, it is the evening dental care is more important than in the Morning. The duration depends on several factors, such as, for example, the number of existing teeth, the tools used and of course your own skill. The recommended time is specified, therefore, with two to five minutes. (vb)