Meet LELO's Ora 3 — A Sex Toy That Comes Incredibly Close to Feeling Like Oral Sex

As sex tech gets more and more advanced, we get closer to having toys that can mimic something close to the sensations of real sex with another human. For people who really love oral sex — no matter how attached they are to their favorite vibrator — the artificial vibes just don’t cut it. But that doesn’t mean the folks behind our favorite sex toys aren’t still trying to capture that same magic.

Enter: LELO’s Ora 3 — which comes pretty damn close.

To start: It is a high-tech sex toy from a luxury brand — so it does have a bit of a price tag at $179. But the high-quality silicone and ABS plastic (which is waterproof and typically makes for some sturdy, long-lasting toys) paired with their “PreMotion™ Technology” (which gives that firm, smooth and targeted rotation that feels so unbelievably close to a tongue for a hand-held sex toy) can totally make it worth the money you drop. But if you act fast, you can get it for $45 off during LELO’s Valentine’s Day Sale.

So your toy arrives and it comes with a USB charging cord (fairly standard), a satin storage pouch (great for keeping your toy safe after play and clean-up), a warranting registration card (use it! Luxury toys are an investment!) and a detailed instruction manual. The latter will totally come in handy — you can totally intuitively fumble around with this toy but knowledge is power, after all.

LELO Ora 3$134, Originally $179Buy now

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