Lunchables Brunchables Are Actually Happening, So It’s Time to Relive Your Childhood

Alright team, it’s time to put on your elementary school thinking caps. Remember the days of eating tiny pizzas, little hamburgers, and ham-and-cheese cracker stacks for lunch? If your family was a Lunchable family, you most assuredly do. Fast-forward back to present day, because Oscar Mayer is catering to brunch-obsessed millennials (that’s you!) with its newest product launch.

No, it’s not organic, although those exist now too. Later this spring, you’ll be able to buy Lunchables Brunchables, because “reserving a table is so old news,” per the Brunchables Is Real website. The breakfast packs were teased yesterday, leading some to believe it was an April Fools’ Day joke.

Can this be a real thing tho?

Omg what a cruel joke, we would have been waiting in line for these bad boys

Um please do this. I would LOVE this. Take my money

The very real Brunchables come in three different sandwich varieties: bacon and cheddar cheese, ham and cheddar cheese, and sausage and cheddar cheese. All three come with breakfast flatbreads and a mini blueberry muffin, which happens to look very similar to Little Bites, another childhood classic.

Now, the obvious question is, where is the egg—but you’re an adult, so make your own to add to your breakfast sandwich! Packaged fried eggs don’t sound very appealing.

Sadly, there are no mimosas included either, but as many folks on Twitter suggested, the true dream would be a mimosa collab with Capri Sun. Fingers crossed on that one.

Does this come with a Capri Sun mimosa?

The new breakfast packs will be in stores nationwide later this season, but you can enter to win a sneak peek here. Oscar Mayer will keep the sweepstakes open for 72 hours before randomly selecting 100 fans to receive a Brunchables mailer before they’re sold in stores. Best of luck, and happy brunching!

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