Lose weight: excess belly can recede fat again!

Unhealthy life rings: So you get rid of your belly fat again

In particular, the belly is fat very harmful for the health. Several studies have already shown that in the case of a big belly, the disease risks for metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease such as hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure increase sharply. The more important it is to reduce excess belly fat. On the belly fat, however, often particularly difficult to get rid of. Discipline and these important tips can help.

Belly fat is considered particularly dangerous for the health

Some scientists distinguish shapes 17 different parts of the body. Many are limited in the classification but on the so-called pear shape and Apple shape. While in the former, fat mostly on hips, buttocks, and legs is attached, is it distributed in the latter, especially in the area of the abdomen. The visceral belly is fat as especially dangerous, it is the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis as well as metabolic disorders such as Diabetes. However, as you can reduce specifically belly fat?

Total body fat reduce

Men have a waist circumference of 102 centimeters, then excess weight can be dangerous. In women 88 cm as the limit.

Concerned it is usually difficult to your fat belly get rid of. In some people, this has to do with the years of life. Because age have a harder time reducing Overweight.

Basically, you can lose belly fat only if the overall body fat decreases. In addition, the belly can be shaped with the help of targeted Exercises, within certain limits, and strengthened. This also applies to normal weight tend to be Apple shape.

Sport helps weight loss

Exercise is helpful in losing weight. This not only burned calories, but also the blood supply to the tissue is increased.

For beginners, everyday life movement is how to go by foot or to ride a Bicycle instead of the car to use, using the stairs instead of the Elevator and evening walks instead of recliner.

Endurance or strength sports are of course even more effective. By special Exercises of abdominal and trunk muscles can build and strengthen.

In addition, can be degraded by the muscle building more pounds.

However, Sport does not only help against Obesity. Vital is diet. Especially the type and the amount of calories we eat is to blame for a lot of increase.

On the right diet it is

Those who want to avoid belly fat, you should avoid certain foods. Saturated fatty acids that lead to Obesity, especially in animal products such as meat, sausage, cheese, and Butter found, lead, elevated blood fat values, deposits in the blood vessels and fatty liver.

To let the pounds fall off, you should put on unsaturated fatty acids. Good suppliers of Fat for example Avocados, legumes, fish, coconut oil and the fat from flax seeds or nuts.

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In addition, one must distinguish the good from the bad carbohydrates, if you want to excess get rid of Kilos.

In the case of simple carbohydrates are white flour products, ready meals, sweets, soft drinks and partly sweet fruit, increases the blood sugar level quickly and you quickly get hungry again.

Slowly digestible, complex carbohydrates allow the blood sugar level to rise slowly and saturate longer. They are found in whole-grain products, vegetables and legumes.

Also a protein-rich diet supports the weight loss.

Always enough to drink

Very important is to not eat again and again, by the way, because you have not just calories special burn fat.

Besides, it is too heavy a burden on his pancreas, with the insulin of education. Experts recommend to stick to three main meals with no snack in Between.

In the breaks between the insulin rests the production and fat from the Depots can be used for energy production.

Who feels because of Stress, dissatisfaction, or similar problems again and again, cravings should stick to healthy Alternatives such as carrots, cucumber or ginger tea. Otherwise it will have nothing to do with the reduction of abdominal Fat.

On beer, wine, and Co should better be avoided. Alcohol is underestimated as a fattening and often. He not only provides an enormous amount of calories, but also stimulates the appetite and causes damage to the body.

A lot of drinking, especially water and/or unsweetened teas. Usually it is advised to two to three liters a day.

By a sufficient liquid supply is not distributed, only the Hunger, but the circuit is kept stable, kidneys and muscles working properly and the digestive system functioning smoothly.

During the day, and at night come to rest

Also, stress reduction can help you lose weight. Persistent Stress increases the level of Cortisol in the body, and this hormone promotes the storage of visceral fat.

Experts recommend, among other things, relaxation techniques such as Yoga or autogenic Training.

Not least, you should also pay attention to a restful night’s sleep, if you want to reduce the size of the abdominal circumference. Because of the regular lack of sleep can Obesity promote.

People who sleep too little, will produce more of the hormone Ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, and prevents, the fat is broken down.

According to health experts, seven to eight hours of night’s sleep are ideal. More than eight hours of sleep can have a negative impact on heart health. (ad)