Laura Byrne Responds To "Mummy Mafia" Over Latest Photo Of Baby Marlie-Mae

You know how it goes: celeb has gorgeous offspring, celeb posts photos of said spawn, Internet finds something wrong with how celeb is holding/dressing/parenting their own child. 




It’s a familiar tale and one that Bachelor star Laura Byrne has unwittingly stumbled into after sharing an Instagram post of her and partner Matty J posing for a family snap in a Sydney restaurant. A couple of fans were quick to notice the “smoking area” sign behind the tired parents and expressed their concern. 

“I hope no one was smoking while you had your baby out there… cute photo,” quipped one follower.

Laura shortly clarified that they didn’t see the sign.

“Ahhhh s***, I didn’t even notice. We just went onto the balcony for a photo… Cue the mummy mafia!!!” Laura responded. 

“Everyone in front of us were dining. I didn’t even realise that behind us was the smoking area. Looks like just the one guy, we good,” she added.

While the unsolicited advice didn’t end there (with some even questioning why she dare leave the house in the first place) fortunately, most of the comments were supportive of the new parents (and heavy on the sarcasm). 

“I hope that balcony is supported properly, I hope your [sic] resting when the baby rests. I hope you weren’t in the smoking area. I hope that blanket was warm enough… Seeeeeerrrriously… What I really hope is you enjoyed your lunch and this photo is gorgeous the end,” one wrote. 

“Who cares where you are standing. No wonder new mums suffer from postnatal depression when there are so many judgemental people out there…”

Watch the adorable first video of Marlie-Mae below.

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