Lack of sleep: What can you do?

The alarm rings much too early – felt one is asleep, but only just… This Situation is certainly familiar to many. And now? To torture, despite the lack of sleep out of bed and to work, throughout the day tired, unfocused, and ill-tempered and will go in the evening to bed early, the next Morning to Wake up rested. “How much sleep you need is different individually, the window is usually between 6 and 8 hours,” explains sleep expert Dr. Hans-Günter Blind. (Also read: a Short night? So you survive the day)

What are the symptoms of lack of sleep are

The effects of lack of sleep are extremely varied and already after one night felt: “a night with too little sleep leads to impaired concentration and fatigue,” says the expert. The British sleep researcher Jim Horn found in a scientific Experiment that 24 hours without sleep similar effects as for 1 ppm of alcohol in the blood. The symptoms of lack of sleep should appear to us so well known: Decreased responsiveness, headaches, Nausea and dizziness are not uncommon. The lack of sleep to compensate for the not work by the way: “Whoever has in a night of too little sleep, the feel, the effects that cannot be undone”, as Dr. Blind.

Exhausting us a sleepless night already neat, so several nights lack of sleep can have serious consequences: “he Who does not sleep for several days, enough that weakens his immune system, get, for example, faster infections,” says the expert and adds: “studies show that those who sleep for 14 days for less than 5 hours per night, has a three times higher risk for a cold.” And for men lack of sleep can have a further negative impact: they produce less testosterone and restrict their reproduction ability. (Also interesting: Better sleep: do not use in the evening on this food)

Chronic lack of sleep is dangerous

“In the case of prolonged lack of sleep over several months, the risk for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as Diabetes is increasing also,” said Dr. Blind. Such a chronic lack of sleep can also have serious consequences and lasting effects on the Psyche, even in a Depression cause. In the worst case, prolonged sleep can be a lack of fatal – from 96 hours of sleep deprivation is considered torture, to show, by this time head and body symptoms in most people, massive failure.

Sleep needs a new role

But why sleep is a common deficiency in us so far? This is mainly due to our performance-oriented society. Who sleeps little, does a lot of the widespread Belief. During the training, students outdo themselves, often with the number of so-called “Allnighter”, so the nights not slept with you but have learned. And that’s the way it goes in the world of work – who does a lot of Overtime, usually gets recognition and respect from boss and colleagues. Have a look at our language shows the lack of appreciation that we have for the sleep: “sleep, snoring nose, long sleeper” – these terms all have a negative connotation.

It should be the other way around, says Dr. Blind: “We urgently need a new sleeping culture,” he urges. He referred to in his book “sleep works wonders” the sleep of even “the most important third of our lives”.

More sleep, more power

The reason for this is obvious: While we sleep renews the body every night a little bit: There are numerous repair and regeneration processes, our immune system is strengthened, the brain processes the impressions of the day, remembers things we have learned. “Sleep is, in many lives, the best medicine were and we should appreciate him a lot more than we do currently in our society,” asks the expert.

After all, who sleeps enough and well, is not only healthier, but also more productive and happier. The sleep value should be attached to is not only of our society – each individual can immediately and concretely do something about it, to sleep more and better, try these two tips directly:

Tip #1: Smartphone and Tablet out of the bedroom!

Even if it is difficult for most of us: the Smartphone and Tablet, we should banish from the bedroom. Because the artificial light of the screens prevents our body from the Sleep essential hormone Melatonin is to be distributed. We also advised so as to not be tempted, however, to check the mail or to be in social networks – then we can turn off, literally, better.

Tip #2: Fixed Bedtime Rituals

We love habits, you give us support and security. If we make the hour before you go to Sleep every night, similarly, by a sleep, we are faster and usually better. Read a book, meditate, listen to soft music – all quiet activities that do us good, help us Relax and switch-Off of the famous thoughts of carousels.

If you stick to these two tips and the sleep and the importance in his life, which he deserves, will probably not have to fight the morning battle with the alarm clock any longer – because he wakes up before the ring rested and can turn off the alarm clock just. Sounds like a relaxing Start to the day, is it? (Read also: The most successful people do before going to bed)

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