Karezza is the Sensual, Slow & Sweet Sex Trend for Cancer Season

As we whisper our sexy goodbyes to Gemini season and the sun shifts into tender crab Cancer’s domain, it’d make sense if we’re all feeling a bit softer. After all, Cancers are all things homey, cuddly and nurturing —  and that energy can be powerful in the bedroom. Which is why we’re recommending you give Karezza — coming from the Italian word for “caress” and referring to a soft, affectionate and emotional approach to sex — a spin during cancer season. 

“A sensitive, sometimes insecure creature, you need stability and lots of reassurance—which is why you’re strongly attracted to confident, successful types. Cancers can be mama’s or daddy’s girls/boys, so you need a nurturing, trustworthy partner with whom you can build a nest,” as the Astrotwins note about Cancers. “Although you have dozens of crushes, falling in love is serious business to you. Your sensitive nature makes you uncomfortable opening up. As a result, in matters of the heart you take a long time to decide if a partner is reliable enough to hear your deepest secrets. Once you do, you’re in for the long haul.”

So you can understand why — to boost of that watery, soft Cancer energy — sex grounded in that hard work of showing love and appreciation can be really powerful. As we frequently note, every sign plays with a different season/planet differently! Your chart is  chock full o’ cosmic knowledge and traits that make up your specific personality (depending on all the different planets that make up your astrological profile). So check your sun sign (our ego, your regular horoscope sign), your moon sign (our inner self, who we are when drunk, sad and alone) and your ascendant/rising sign (the mask we wear, the things other people might perceive us as) as well as your other planets out for a full zodiac picture. And you might benefit from a sit down with an astrologer to go over these in more thoughtful, informed detail (this can be such a special experience!) 

But back to that gooey, cancer energy and Karezza. While it may feel similar to its heady cousin, tantric sex (which is more grounded in meditation and seeking enlightenment), Karezza is about the physically gentle and affectionate bonding you can have during sex. In both, the point isn’t orgasm (and like generally that’s a good way to approach sex); it’s about the journey and not the destination. When practicing Karezza, all the parts of sex from foreplay to kissing to cuddling to smiling and speaking (communication is huge!) come into play — you want to spend time finding out what feels good to your partner and to yourself in that moment and focus your energy on experiencing those things together.

Instead of finding your path to climaxing and making that the end-all, be-all, it’s recognizing how the activity you’re sharing together can pay tribute to and further nurture, as Cancers are wont to do, the intimacy you share with your partner. 

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