I Tried 9 CBD Products From Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower—and I've Never Felt so Fabulously Chill

While some head to Pinterest for all of their party-planning needs, I follow celebrities on Instagram for all the inspiration I need.

One example? Kim Kardashian. She recently threw a CBD and meditation themed baby shower, which took place a few weeks before the birth of Psalm West (by way of surrogate). I've been imagining myself indulging in a day of sound baths, essential oil massages, and various forms of CBD ever since. (FOMO ensues.)

When an offer from HelloMD—a CBD community that offers both medical advice from doctors and expert-backed brands—landed in my inbox to try the exact products at Kim's baby shower, I thought why not? I may not be freaking out over baby number four (or even one through three) like Kim was, but office life is stressful enough and my coworkers and I could definitely benefit from a good dose of chill.

Plus, cannabidiol (CBD)—a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant—is arguably one of the buzziest trends in wellness right now, featured in everything from lotions to tinctures to recipes. And don't worry, it'll help you to relax and take the edge off without getting high. While most evidence is anecdotal, some other reported benefits include anxiety relief and pain management. 

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Kim at her baby shower today!

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After receiving a generous care package from HelloMD a few weeks later, I threw my own version of the most chill party of the year—which had three of my coworkers and I sitting on the floor by my desk divvying up CBD products. "Let’s zen out on a Friday,” I said to them, sounding like an honorary Kardashian. But none of us knew what we were getting ourselves into.  

Here's what happened when Rachel, Sam, Christina, and I tried to reenact Kim Kardashian's epic CBD baby shower.

Guests enjoyed a Grön CBD-infused chocolate fountain

ICYMI, the Kardashian baby shower included a CBD-infused chocolate fountain (so extra), and I can now say from experience that fondue has forever been ruined for me. I don't want to dip my strawberries in chocolate unless the chocolate is laced with CBD. Since I didn't have a chocolate fountain handy, I melted a Gron Milk Chocolate Bar ($20; hellolift.com) over a stovetop into a silky fondue, which was to die for.

"I must say, I’ve tried a number of CBD chocolates in the past, but this one has to be one of the tastiest," my coworker Sam raves. "It has seriously rich flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. I did feel relaxed after having a serving, but it wasn’t a deep relaxation. I just felt a little lighter and calmer, which is exactly what I want out of CBD products."

In addition to the milk chocolate, we also tried Gron Madagascar Dark Chocolate ($12; hellolift.com), Gron Raspberry White Chocolate ($12; hellolift.com), and the Gron Dark Chocolate Bar ($20; hellolift.com), because YOLO.

We indulged in complimentary crystal and CBD massages 

The Kardashians had a certified masseuse to apply their Humble Flower Co. CBD Oil ($50, hellolift.com). Since we did not, my coworker Christina took matters into her own hands (literally) and applied the drops—which contain ylang ylang and lavender essential oils in addition to hemp—straight to her skin. 

"The CBD-packed droplets were a perfect post-yoga indulgence, and the muscles in my arms and legs (where I applied it) felt much less tense compared to how I normally feel," she says. "I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an alternative to IcyHot or just likes to feel a full-body relaxation without having to leave the house for a massage."

Of course, Kim couldn't just let her attendees have an ordinary massage, so it makes perfect sense that she would provide the masseuses with Vertly CBD Infused Relief Lotion ($48; vertlybalm.com). According to HelloMD, this cream uses plant-based ingredients like arnica flower, magnesium, and aloe vera to relieve muscle strains and tightness.

While I haven't been suffering from any aches and pains, I couldn't pass up the luxurious lotion and quickly applied it to my dry arms (courtesy of my most recent beach trip). Although the cream had a refreshing mint smell and went on smoothly, it left my skin slightly sticky.

If the DIY route isn't for you, don't worry! More spas are adding CBD offerings to their menus, such as Chillhouse in New York City, where you can book a CBD add-on to any massage. In Los Angeles, Bellacures is offering Cannacure Manis using Kush Queen products. RELATED: 7 Surprising Ways People Are Using CBD Oil—and What Doctors Really Think About It

There was a hemp flower bouquet arrangement station

Is it still a baby shower without a table strewn with beautiful flowers, ready to be made into an Instagram-worthy bouquet? We think not. "At Kim’s shower and many other events I’ve done, this activation has always been relaxing and calming," says Jamie Lee McCormick of Flower Daddy, who led the arrangement session. "It also brings out the creative side in everyone, and I love that."

Not only did McCormick bring hemp to the party, but he also came equipped with a variety of greenery and florals, including fresh lilac, lavender, roses, freesia, geraniums, eucalyptus, rosemary, and mint.

McCormick likes to add fresh hemp to arrangements. He also enjoys using materials that can easily be incorporated into daily life, and hemp seeds boast nutritional benefits like protein, fiber, and unsaturated fats.

CBD-spiked kombucha might be the newest celebrity drink trend

Kim Kadashian added CBD to her Health-Ade Kombucha ($48 for 12-pack; amazon.com), so I added CBD to my Health-Ade Kombucha, naturally. Instead of sipping it at the baby shower of the year, I drank my "spiked" kombucha while sitting at my desk answering emails.

The instructions on the Wildflower CBD + Pure Tincture ($80; buywildflower.com) suggest putting one drop under your tongue for the best results, but since I added the tincture to my kombucha (a 16 ounce beverage), it became diluted and I ingested the CBD more slowly. I abandoned this method completely when I noticed hardened drops of the tincture floating in my drink. Yuck. It's safe to say I'll be taking my CBD and kombucha separately from now on. 

There was a foot bath and reflexology station with CBD-infused salts and salves

When I heard that Kim's guests were treated to relaxing foot baths with Vertly Bath Salts ($29; barneys.com), I felt a major rush of FOMO, as I didn't have an invitation to the actual affair. Since most of my coworkers and I avoid our tiny New York City bathtubs at all costs, we didn't test the bath salts. However, reviewers comment that these salts in particular are "relaxing" and "perfect after a long day," so I'll definitely be saving mine for the next time I travel to a hotel with a tub. "I’ve tried a few different high-end CBD baths and this one is the real deal—it’s truly better than any other I’ve come across," said one customer. "I have never felt so relaxed and euphoric from any other product." Well, I'm convinced! Although we skipped the salts, Sam decided to try the Pure Ratios CBD Topical Salve ($35; pureratioscbd.com) on her achy, problematic shoulder instead of her feet, hoping it would bring some relief. "I didn’t notice much of a difference," she says. "I also didn’t particularly love the smell and found it a little tricky to apply. I’m not sure I would use this again, but hey, it did leave my skin feeling extra smooth." RELATED: Do Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products Actually Work? Everything You Need to Know

It’s not a party without a tray of CBD vapes going around

If hitting up different CBD activities wasn't enough for Kim's guests, they had the opportunity to relax even more thanks to trays of Wildflower CBD + Vaporizers ($60; buywildflower.com), which were passed around like hors' dourves. "The Wildflower CBD + Vaporizer has a packaging that would put any Juul to shame," says Christina, who took the vaporizer home to test. "The cigarette-shaped stick is what any Gen Zer would drool over—that is, until they tasted it." The taste was overly sweet for Christina, but she still felt like she reaped the benefits. "I’m not sure if it was the vape itself or the glass of wine I had prior to trying it, but I certainly felt relaxed after a few puffs," she adds.

Mr. Moxey's CBD Mints ($40; mrmoxeys.com) were also handed as party favors, so Sam snapped up a tin to try. "I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh these mints left my mouth feeling before bed, but I was even more excited about how deep of a sleep I woke up from in the morning," she says. "I didn’t wake up once during the night, and I felt refreshed when my alarm went off. These mints may just be the latest addition to my bedtime routine."

Gift bags included even more CBD treats for guests to enjoy at home

If you're not into vaping or edibles, but you want one takeaway from Kim's baby shower, do yourself a favor and invest in Green Labs Infused Face Mask ($25; greenlabshealth.com). It has nano emulsified broad spectrum CBD oil and plant extracts, both of which make it super hydrating for your skin. After removing the sheet mask, my skin felt instantly softer, and I even noticed my complexion looked much more dewy the next morning. This mask might not be as um, fun, as that time Kim freaked out her fans with a Hanacure face mask selfie, but it sure was relaxing.

My coworker Rachel tried the Green Labs CBD Infused Coffee Scrub ($20; greenlabshealth.com) and she had mixed feelings. "While it left my skin feeling soft, I’m not sure it was any different than any other body scrub," she notes. "I also wasn’t a huge fan of the strong smell of coffee and the mess it made in my tub—I felt like a human Keurig!"

Rachel also brought the Holistic Hound CBD dog treats home for her Pomeranian, Sammy, and they were surprisingly a game-changer! "Sammy has Addison’s disease, which actually makes her more anxious than most dogs, and this was my first time trying a hemp product on her," Rachel explains. "I gave her a half a treat and she was so relaxed, not even the opening of a peanut butter jar could rouse her. I will definitely be using these for future parties, thunderstorms, and travel days!"

Our final takeaways

Looking to dip your toes into CBD, but don't want to invest a lot? I definitely recommend Gron chocolates for snacking (because, yum) and implementing the Green Labs Face Mask into your self-care routine, since it actually gave my skin a radiant glow. And if you want to take a more results-oriented approach to curb anxiety or relieve muscle aches, look for products specifically marketed for those concerns. 

While my coworkers and I enjoyed many of the CBD products we tested, they didn't have an immediate or life-changing effect on us overall—but maybe we just need to use them more regularly. Living like a Kardashian and indulging in CBD products for a few days made me feel like a fabulous, more chill version of myself. But next time, I think I'll choose to recreate one of their other moments, like that time they tried face yoga.

Check out this article, where Health answers all of the questions you might have about CBD.

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