How Brooke Boney Fits In Fitness With A Hectic Schedule

With a eye-wateringly early wake up call for her breakfast TV gig, Brooke Boney has more excuses than most for skipping training and having an arvo snooze instead. But the Gamilaroi Gomeroi woman has been busy hitting the pavement in the lead up to the City2Surf on Sunday August 11. 

We spoke to Brooke about how she’s preparing for the iconic race (and infamous Heartbreak Hill) as well as the incredibly important cause she’s supporting with her run. 

Have you always been a runner?

No, absolutely not! In fact, I’ve been a bit scared of running in the past. I’ve tried it on and off before but I’ve never really stuck with it. But, on the quiet, I’m really enjoying it this time round while I train for the City2Surf.  

What has your training involved in the lead up to City2Surf?

There’s been a lot of interval running training – run-walking – mostly guided by various apps I’ve found. And I still do a fair amount of stretching and can’t stay away from yoga.

What has been the best running tip or advice you’ve received?

I know there’s the mantra of ‘all the gear, no idea’, but I have to say, wearing in comfortable new trainers, and new active gear is great and makes me feel good to go for a run.

Which charity are you supporting with the run and why?

Go Foundation – which raises money for education of Indigenous youths – because sometimes when it’s hard to put on the running shoes or train in the cold, I remember the motivation on why I’m doing this; to raise money and awareness to help put kids into school.

What does your regular training routine involve and how do you balance it with a hectic breakfast TV schedule?

I really struggled for the first month to find time to fit in training, but then I started to pack my running gear and I take it with me wherever I go. I’m now really enjoying going for a run wherever I am, be it in Melbourne, LA or at home on the actual course.

With such a high-pressure role and plenty of public commentary, how do you take care of your mental health?

It’s tough, but whenever a negative thought pops into my head I immediately try to actively have a counter positive thought and remember a time when someone has gone out of their way to help me. And I meditate daily. 

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