Healthy ginger: But the tuber has also side effects!

Side effects: Should avoid some people do better on ginger?

It’s long been known that ginger is very healthy. Often, however, the tuber can be attributed to unwanted side effects. You should act, among other things, blood diluting and blood pressure increase, menstrual cramps intensify and cause heartburn. What is it about such statements?

With ginger treat diseases

In this country, ginger is mainly used as an ingredient for the pumpkin soup, as a component of various Thai curries, in the Version known to Sushi, as well as in the tea or Smoothie. The root with the fruity-sharp Note is not only very tasty but also extremely healthy. In Asia, the “miracle tuber” is used for thousands of years for the treatment of many diseases. However, the consumption of ginger should also go with different side effects. That’s true, but really?

The consumption of ginger is to promote not only health, but also associated with side-effects. That’s true, but really? (Image: pilipphoto/

Healthy Tuber

The health-promoting properties of ginger have long been known. The tuber is effective for colds and also as a home remedy for bloating, digestive problems, diarrhea, and numerous other complaints.

With the tuber, the defence forces can be strengthening and also bad breath can be the medicinal plant of the year 2018, the fight.

In addition, it has been shown in studies that even small amounts can help ginger to reduce cholesterol levels.

Even in cancer therapy, ginger is sometimes used.

The German cancer aid, the root has a compelling effect against chemotherapy-related stomach complaints, and Nausea and vomiting.

Not least, the tuber can help you lose weight.

On the amount it is

However, it is also not pointed out more often to take up too much ginger, since otherwise unpleasant side effects may occur. Partly, it is even claimed that some people should completely abandon the tuber.

Some of these warnings, however, are not documented.

So there are messages that ginger heartburn to favor. However, according to Doctors, the root has stomach soothing and can even be used as a home remedy for heartburn used.

A thumb should be rubbed with a large piece of ginger into the water and drank.

It is clear, however, that the dose makes the poison. According to experts, a consumption of about 50 grams of ginger, or five grams of powdered ginger a day is still considered harmless.

Especially people with sensitive stomach might get in the case of larger quantities of problems, not everyone can tolerate the sharpness. Concerned should, where appropriate, ask your doctor for advice.

And also people who do not tolerate the medicinal plant contained pungent substances as well, should better hold back, to avoid an excessive feeling of heat in the body and a strongly reddened head.

Blood thinning is not assigned to the end effect

On various portals is also read that ginger blood thinner. Medical professionals are completely different.

“Ginger is not effective fortunately blood thinner. That would be dangerous, then you would have to drop him off, for example, prior to surgery“, Prof. Dr. med. Roman Huber, Internist, Director of the Uni center for naturopathy, University hospital of Freiburg, in a post of Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

“One has the studied and healthy people are given a blood thinner – Aspirin or Marcumar – and then the clotting time is measured. Then you gave them at the same time in addition to ginger. This has not changed the effect of other blood thinners,“ explained the expert.

Ginger can promote contractions

This finding also explains why the claim that ginger concern due to the suspected blood-thinning effect for a greater period with the most intense menstrual cramps, is wrong.

In one study, even showed that the root helps with menstrual pain.

That ginger can stimulate contractions in pregnancy, but that’s true. Therefore, pregnant should be mothers when consumed, reluctant or not.

Unless you want to blow trigger it on purpose. This is 40 in accordance with the General recommendations, but not before. Week of pregnancy tries to be.

Good against high blood pressure

Often people is recommended with high blood pressure, to dispense with ginger.

But health experts point out that the tuber could even help to reduce blood pressure.

Professor Dr. Horst Brass of the German high pressure League, said: “There is first evidence that ginger can lower the blood pressure. However, more detailed studies are not yet available.“

However, he also pointed to the fact that ginger can not replace drugs.

Other professionals, patients, suffering from Obesity to high blood pressure can benefit from ginger.

Because the tuber is looking to boost the digestion and burning fat and can help to reduce Obesity and lower blood pressure. (ad)