Four benefits of cupping – the ancient eastern therapy you never knew you needed

You may or may not have heard of cupping – a traditional therapy that can be traced back to the Far East and Middle East.

Cupping, also known as ‘hijama’, involves placing suction cups on the body that create a vacuum above the skin and draw blood clots and toxins out of the capillaries to the area. Small incisions are then made to allow the ‘bad blood’ to exit the body.

The therapy has over the centuries been used to maintain general health and to treat different kinds of ailments that still plague our society today.

Here are four main health benefits of cupping worth knowing about.

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1. Better blood circulation

According to health experts atResolution Health , one of the many benefits of cupping is that it improves your blood flow.

The experts say: “The suction from the cups increases circulation to the area where the cups are placed. The additional blood flow to that area can help relieve muscle tension and promote cell repair.”

On top of that, there is an additional benefit that comes with improved circulation. The website says: “Increasing circulation with cupping also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

2. Releases toxins from body

Another benefit of cupping is that it helps your body to rid itself of toxins. Of course the body has its own way of doing this automatically, but cupping helps the process by removing the toxins still trapped in your body.

The experts at Resolution Health say cupping gives your body “a boost” in releasing those toxins.

They add that focused blood flow resulting from cupping “helps your body by flushing built-up toxins through the lymphatic system”, which is responsible for eliminating your body’s toxins and waste.

3. Relieves stress and tension

One method used by cupping therapists is to move the suction cups across your skin, usually on your back. This has the same effect as a body massage.

This in itself is therapeutic, as the health experts explain: “When your therapist glides the cups across your skin, your parasympathetic nervous system engages. This promotes deep relaxation to move through your entire body.

The therapy can also help provide almost instant relief for migraines and inflammation, as well as other pains you might be suffering from.

4. Helps with hiding skin blemishes

The health experts at Resolution Health have also noted cupping’s ability to deal with scars and blemishes on the skin.

They said: “Increased blood flow enables your body to dispose of toxins, restores lymphatic circulation, and helps remove edema (excess fluid), which helps reduce the appearance of scarring. Studies have shown the positive effects of cupping on stretch marks and scars even in areas that are far from the area where the cups are applied.”

Cupping is also said to help with varicose veins and spider veins as it helps blood flow and oxygen in the problem areas, the experts say, although this may take a series of sessions and can only be done using the ‘dry cupping’ method, where blood is not released from the cupped area.

Other benefits

There are other benefits associated with cupping. In addition to the above, it is also supposed to help with digestion and asthma, as well as helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Of course, like all procedures and therapies, there are potential side effects, and cupping should only be performed by a qualified therapist.

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