Fact Check: Debunking Breakfast Myths

Nothing beats a fluffy waffle and a cup of coffee in the morning! Breakfast in literal is breaking the fast during sleep and different cultures have different traditions – where some drink tea while others prefer sipping mimosas. But no matter what we eat, we can all agree that breakfast is very important part of our lives.

Nutritionists always come up with many recommendations as for how we should eat breakfast. Research always produces different results that lead to confusion. We have gathered these results to see the most consistent ones. Here is the list of the common myths that we always hear about breakfast.

We have heard this many times before, starting a day with a breakfast supplements in weight loss. Previous research stated that eating breakfast could help fight obesity and that weight-busting power has been touted for decades. But now, new research findings may see this as a total misconception. Breakfast can increase the body’s energy that relates to more physical activity but it is not proven to boost our metabolic process. The type of food eaten is also to be considered, along with an exercise plan.

Chia seed is a good source of protein to be added in our meal

Skipping breakfast is the most convenient way to do, especially when we are running late for our appointments. Even if we are not very hungry, we have to consider munching even just a little go-to food, like a fruit or a bread to keep us through our tight morning schedule. This is also a no-no for people who are taking medications or women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Some are practicing Intermittent Fasting where they only allow themselves to eat at a certain time of day. Testimonies are all over the internet of its weight loss potential. Though this may have good benefits, it certainly is not for everybody. We must listen to our body and do it well. Having some foods to start out the day can promote a nutrient-rich diet overall.

This is also a common phrase we always hear from the grapevine, but recent science suggests otherwise. Researchers found out that breakfast doesn’t curb our cravings, especially if we are eating the wrong types of food. Research shows that increasing the amount of protein in our diet can help grow the amount of peptide YY (PYY), a hunger-fighting hormone, in our body. A good way to load up on protein without the additional calories and carbohydrates is by incorporating Chia Seeds in our breakfast. Putting chia seeds in our oats, cereals, and smoothies can go a long way. Infusing it with our water can also help satiate our cravings.  So, while breakfast alone may not reduce hunger for the rest of the day, a protein-packed one could.

Intermittent fasting has been taking a center stage when it comes to weight loss

We hear ‘fasted-workout’ a lot. So what does this mean? It is when we choose to exercise on an empty stomach. This helps to ensure that carbs, protein, and fats go to the right places in the body and are stored only minimally as body fat. A lot of gym-goers swear by this method, making it more popular than it ever was. Though it is true that fasted-training can help the body lose weight, skipping breakfast, especially after a long training, is not good anymore. Breakfast is a good source of energy as we start our day, and depriving the body of this can lead to lower energy levels. The quality of our physical performance is directly related to the amount of energy we store in our body. If considering trying fasted-training, a healthy post-workout meal should also be considered to balance the energy we take in and out.

Prepare meal ahead of time to ensure the quality of it

Every meal is important and breakfast should not be treated with more importance. It still comes down to the quantity and the quality of food we intake. While this research may knock breakfast from its long-time pedestal, it reiterates the truth that healthy eating is a series of conscious choices that start when we wake up and continue until we hit the sack. Eating three balanced meals is an ideal way to supplement our body with the nutrients we need.

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