Earlier, six-pack belly, today: Like Charity, by self-love 40 pounds decreased

If you scroll through the Instagram profile of the Charity, one is swept away by a flood of vitality and joy of life. Happily, the adventure shines funny flight attendant on all of your photos.

Whether traveling, while exercising, or on your wedding: you appear to have arrived.

But this is only for four years. A long time went ahead, you always painful to discover that your body’s physique did not fit the life of your Desire.

Until they finally decided to change it permanently to something.

Charitys walking in a new life

In a conversation with "Popsugar" recalls Charity Nelms full of discomfort at the time in front of your life change: "I had started my career as a flight attendant and had to realize how incredibly difficult that was for my body. I was traveling all the time, around the world and went on adventures, but my body could halten&quot with all the stuff I did like, just not step;, you told.

So it was mainly the job of your dreams, the opened her eyes. She wanted to &quot bring your body in shape to live the life style that he had in mind to her and do what she really wanted:;Namely, the world sehen", adds Charity.

It all began with the App "Couch to 5K", with the to Run animated. The App helped her to develop a certain workout routine and to find joy in moving your body and strong.

A new interest in Workouts in your wide and they began to write their own training plans: "I’ve bought guides, Apps, and YouTube-researched. To the gym I went to back then never, but have thought always, which is what I was on which day."

Charitys first great victory was then a mile long with no stops in between to see it through. "I cried like a child. The things I thought I could never do that, to make me still demütig", she describes their first measurable success.

The key to success: Intuitive eating

With a newly gained awareness of their body, began the pretty brunette to put also more attention to your diet.

Above all, they had intuitively the calories, steer, and even now she is only occasionally, and nutrients to include in your food: “If I feel I need to structure, track my food for a while, until I feel that I can eat again successfully mindful and aware of from the gut."

And sets: "I have found that it helps me, when I was restricting me, and which I allow to eat what I want.“

In a normal meal plan this casualness is reflected.

A healthy mix, but it is evident that not Saving calories is the focus.

  • Breakfast: two cups of coffee with milk, an omelette with spinach, peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and spring onions
  • Snack: a vegetable protein shake or a protein bar
  • Lunch: spinach salad with Feta, dried cranberries, walnuts and a Iced Latte
  • Snack: banana with coconut peanut butter
  • Dinner: French fries with house-made Guacamole and Tacos with vegetable filling
  • Dessert: dark chocolate

The correct setting is the “Game Changer”

"To learn to love myself, to treat myself with patience and kindness, and to change my settings, indeed a challenge, but also the everything-changing Spielschraube", describes Charity. "Once the thoughts are changed, also found everything else kind of place."

With the success of their self-confidence increased experiences finally, more and more. Because, you know, what it has achieved already, it has today, the security of being able to do anything.


I truly believe our outsides reflect what is going on in the inside. There is a 4 year difference here. What you don’t see pictured is a different and renewed mindset, a completely different lifestyle, a new sense of capability, and a new level of freedom and confidence I now live in. That is the real #transformation of this Tuesday.

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Those who are about to embark on the journey to your personal feel-good weight, advises Charity to impose at the beginning of a certain structure and to create a Plan. "Set yourself a daily goal, a weekly goal, a monthly goal – what ever do you mean, to comply with können&quot to;, the flight attendant explained.

Your last and probably most important piece of advice is : "Be kind to yourself, have patience and allow yourself to make mistakes sometimes. You’re worth it, to be in each Phase of the Challenge, and loved."

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