Doctor shares Covid symptoms she’s seen in people yet to have autumn booster

Dr Nighat discusses symptoms of new Covid strain

Previous research suggested that your vaccination status can determine the Covid symptoms you may experience.

Now, a doctor has shared the latest signs she’s been noticing in people who had their last jab a year ago.

Dr Chantel Tinfang, a family medicine physician with Sengstacke Health Center at Provident Hospital of Cook County, explained that those who haven’t had their fall booster, are still experiencing symptoms and they can get really sick.

Dr Tinfang told NBC Chicago: “I have prescribed medication over the past few weeks to treat some patients because they were not really getting better after staying home.”

The doctor noticed that symptoms that tend to last longer include sore throat, fatigue, decreased appetite, or just feeling sick and unwell.

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Dr Tinfang added that she’s seen less patients with signs like fever, body aches, and chills.

“We still see some patients experiencing decreased appetite, a loss of taste or smell. So it kind of depends,” she added.

However, fatigue seems to play a significant role in patients currently falling ill with Covid.

The doctor said: “One patient was just very, very tired. Like she couldn’t really do much.

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“And that’s when you know … it’s different. It’s not just coughing, and shortness of breath. We still see that though.”

The doctor isn’t the only expert to notice fatigue playing a “huge part”, as Dr Nighat Arif also warned of this sign.

The TV doctor shared that the feeling of constant tiredness seems to be a tell-tale sign of the latest Covid variant, known as Pirola.

Speaking on ITV’s show This Morning, she said: “We’re seeing people who are just feeling shattered.”

Dr Tinfang added that these new symptoms can persist but not long enough to be considered signs of long Covid.

She said: “Sometimes the symptoms can linger, and that’s a sign that we need to actually act.

“But some people will go ahead and recover just by drinking fluid and resting.”

The NHS adds that most people with COVID-19 will have mild symptoms, feel better within a few weeks, and may be able to look after themselves at home.

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