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United States reached a new peak in the Corona-crisis

In Germany it is a must because of the low infections relatively quiet around the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Quite different is the situation in the United States. So many people were infected as ever. The United States reported an unprecedented number of Coronavirus Infections within 24 hours.

About 77.600 reported SARS-CoV-2 infections in only one day, the US reported on Friday, the 17.07.2020. Thus, the current new infections than the previous peak of around 68.400 of new Infections of almost 10,000 cases. This is evident from the information provided by the Johns Hopkins University, the global spread of the novel Coronavirus documented on a Live map.

USA still strong of Corona

Among all countries of the world, the USA is arguably the toughest in the country concerned. Like the Live shows a map of the Johns Hopkins University, have been infected in the United States of 3.64 million people with the Coronavirus. About 139,000 deaths CoV-2 infection and lung disease COVID-19 are in contact with a SARS. (Status: 18.07.2020).

Was relaxed too early?

In the US, the spread of the new Virus turns out for a few weeks to new highs. In the middle of June to the end were far-reaching loosening of the mitigation measures agreed. Since then, new infections have risen dramatically. Especially in the West and in the South of the country the Virus is spreading rapidly. Some States have introduced for this reason, stringent measures or re-openings slowed down.

The five currently most affected countries

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Brazil, India, Russia, and Peru hardest of the Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to the United States currently affected. (vb)

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