86-Year-old dies after hip SURGERY because they received a Malaria Blood

In the Austrian state of Carinthia 86, passed away-year-old woman after an Operation on her hip. The woman was infected during the procedure, apparently with the tropical disease Malaria. The Prosecutor’s office of Carinthia determined.

As the Austrians "Kurier" reported, had received the 86-Year-old, apparently, blood from a tried canned, but I had to as a "Sumpffieber" well-known disease.

The Carinthian Red cross had to leave the preserve to investigate and was able to demonstrate in a sample of the pathogen. Now the donor of the preserve is to be contacted. It is unclear, according to "Kurier", whether it is a woman or a man.

"The results of the investigation are the office of the public Prosecutor in Klagenfurt übergeben", it is stated in the opinion of the Red cross on Thursday afternoon, from the "Kurier" cited.

"This is a really tragic Fall"

Albert Sima, medical Director of the blood donation headquarters of the Kärnter Red cross, regretted the incident. "This is a really tragic Fall", so Sima. "Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families and friends of the deceased."

According to "Kurier" not be blood samples in Austria, checked for Malaria, as the causative agent home is in Central Europe. The risk for infection is being tested with a questionnaire.

The Red cross stress the residual risks left in the medicine can not be avoided. In the case of blood products, the residual risk of infection is between 1:1,000,000 and 1:10.000.000.