Supergoop Unveils SPF Eye Shadow

Sunscreen brand Supergoop is going beyond traditional sunscreen products its latest launch, an eye shadow containing SPF.
On Monday, the brand will release the Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow SPF 30, formulated with zinc oxide. Shimmershade, $24, comes in three highly pigmented shades in warm neutral tones — First Light, Golden Hour and Sunset — and contains UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection. It is the brand's first foray into makeup.
Eye products — particularly eye makeup products — containing SPF are a rare find in the market, which is why Supergoop founder Holly Thaggard wanted to create one.
"The eyes are particularly vulnerable to sun damage — they're literally the most sensitive spots because our skin is so much thinner and that makes it much more vulnerable to skin cancer and signs of aging," said Thaggard. "Yet people avoid putting SPF on their eye area because they're concerned it will itch or irritate."
Shimmershade is a long-wear cream formula, made with a blend of rose, chamomile, jasmine and sunflower to provide antioxidant benefits and a soothing effect.
"Creating a super clean formula with SPF that was long-lasting and could give a nice amount of saturation and work really with your favorite eye shadows ," said Thaggard.
The launch of Shimmershade fits in with Supergoop's ethos of "slipping in" SPF into as many everyday beauty products as possible. The brand is working on a digital campaign with makeup artists to promote the product as a true color cosmetics item that also contains sun protection.
It also comes when consumers are increasingly aware of skin issues caused by sun exposure. Mineral ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc are becoming a more popular choice following concerns about the effects of some common chemical sunscreen ingredients on coral reefs and the endocrine system. Earlier this month, the FDA announced a proposal for sunscreen regulations, and said it would be reviewing the safety of several chemical ingredients often used in conventional sunscreens, noting that it considered zinc and titanium dioxide to be safe for use. The Shimmershade eye shadows are formulated with zinc, and Supergoop will soon launch a mineral-based baby and kids' line. 
"Health and beauty is the biggest trend we're seeing," said Thaggard. "Everyone's being particularly mindful of the ingredients they're putting in their body."
Shimmershades are set to launch on on March 18, on on March 21, and will roll out to all Sephora stores on March 29.
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