Saint Jane Unveils CBD-Infused Luxury Beauty Line

Beauty’s obsession with cannabis isn’t slowing down.
Case in point: Saint Jane, a beauty brand that uses cannabidiol, also known as CBD, as its hero ingredient is launching today at Credo Beauty and Neiman Marcus.
Created by former Kendo executive Casey Georgeson, the brand is fusing prestige quality beauty with the wellness philosophy, leveraging CBD’s purported soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for both skin care and color cosmetics. The brand’s name is a cheeky take on one of marijuana’s nicknames, Mary Jane, and is meant to show the innocent side of the ingredient because it doesn’t include THC, which gives the drug its psychoactive quality.
“We want to establish ourselves as a luxury leader in the CBD market,” Georgeson said. “At Kendo I learned that product is king and if it works you have a solid brand on your hands. You’ll see a lot of CBD skin-care brands launching in the next year, but we’re different because we’re not just skin care, but we’re color cosmetics, too, and we will launch other products that don’t fit a specific category.”
The brand is launching with its Luxury Beauty Serum, which includes a blend of CBD, calendula, evening primrose, grape seed oil and other naturally derived ingredients for a product said to smooth skin, calm inflammation and fight antiaging. Saint Jane will also be launching two color cosmetics products: a lip gloss in five shades in February and a lipstick in seven shades in March. Both products include 50 mg. of CBD. The serum is priced at $125, the lip gloss is priced at $28 and the lipstick is priced at $30.
Georgeson brings to the brand 15 years of experience as the head of brand marketing and creative at Kendo and as the vice president of creative at The Wine Group, where she developed skills in branding, product development and storytelling.
“I know how to speak the language,” she said on now launching her own beauty brand. “I know how to pick the pieces and bring them together. This brand is the distillation of all of my experiences in beauty and wine.”
In terms of the CBD trend in beauty, Georgeson thinks the industry is just at the cusp of the boom.
“People are discovering CBD and realizing it has incredible skin care and wellness benefits,” she said. “In skin care, it’s a nice, natural way of receiving the benefits of the CBD and I think so many people have tried it and they’re realizing there is so much white space for how the ingredient can be interpreted.”
Georgeson plans on focusing on the three products for now until halfway through the year when she will launch a number of products across categories.
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