EWG Releases New Clean Beauty Certifications

The Environmental Working Group is now offering ingredient certification.

The group, which ranks beauty product ingredients for safety, said Thursday that it will release a new program called EWG Verified: For Your Health, which will allow cosmetic ingredient manufacturers to certify individual ingredients and ingredient compositions.

EWG will also make its exciting EWG certification available to the entire beauty industry for the first time. For the past three years, that program had been in pilot mode, with EWG scientists collaborating with cosmetics companies to certify products as EWG Verified. Currently there are 1,800 EWG Verified personal care products sold by nearly 300 companies, EWG said.

The group said in a statement that the new and expanded certifications “further EWG’s mission to educate consumers on the health and safety of products they use every day.”

Ken Cook, the president of EWG, said that cosmetic ingredient manufacturers had been asking if their proprietary ingredient formulations could qualify to be EWG verified in recent years.

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“EWG is ready to make that happen. The goal of EWG Verified Ingredients is to improve the market for clean personal care earlier in the product formulation process and deeper in the global cosmetics supply chain,” Cook said in a statement.

To be EWG Verified, beauty products will still need to separately go through that process. Cook said the ingredients certification is meant to help companies source ingredients and “drive innovation in key problem areas, like the need for safer options in cosmetics preservatives.”

EWG offers a Formulator Assistance Tool that’s meant to allow formulators to swap out ingredients mid-formulation.

The EWG verification programs are also available for diapers and cleaning products.

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