This Guy Just Organized the Most Daring Tinder Date Ever

Meeting somebody off Tinder for the first time always feels like a risk; you have to take a leap of faith that the person will look like their pictures in real life and not be a serial killer. Matt Dajer, one of the Yes Theory guys on YouTube, recently decided to up those first date stakes even more, by finding somebody on Tinder who’d be down to fly across the country to join him in cage-less swimming with sharks.

Using Tinder Passport to reach people all over the country, they started swiping and asking girls from landlocked states out on the “world’s most daring first date. It’s probably best if guys don’t try to recreate this situation at home — these guys are known for their videos in which they go on spontaneous adventures and challenge strangers to venture out of their comfort zones. And in the video, Matt was advised by Tom’s girlfriend Lexie that, to a woman, an invitation to fly out to an unknown destination from a stranger on a dating app may well start setting off some alarm bells. Here’s how it all played out:

Matt matched with Lacey, and she agreed to fly out to meet him in Oahu, Hawaii, for the ultimate first date. They met up with Ocean Ramsey, a marine biologist who has spent the last decade studying sharks and working towards the conservation of these often misunderstood creatures. She’s also one of the few human beings on the planet to have gone open-water diving with them, making her the perfect third wheel for Matt and Lacey’s first date.

“[Sharks] are beautiful, they’re mesmerizing,” says Ramsey. “They are apex predators, but they’re not monsters.” In the depths of the sea, as on Tinder, not everything is what it first seems.

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