Stop Smoking to succeed together with your Partner better

Bad habits, able to second better: According to new study findings, couples who quit together with the Smoking to have a six times higher chance of success than smokers who try to do this alone.

222 heart patients participated for 16 weeks in a program to quit Smoking and received nicotine replacement therapy with Patches, gum or drugs. Their partners were included in the study. At the end of the program, 64 percent of patients and 75% of their partners smoke. At the beginning of all patients and 45 percent of their partners Smoking. In couples who shared in the attempt to stop Smoking, the success rate of 5.83-fold higher than in the case of pairs, one of which tried only one of the partners alone.

"Giving up Smoking can be a lonely endeavor sein", the author of the Study, Magda Lampridou from Imperial College London, who presented the results at a scientific Congress of the European society of cardiology said. "People feel excluded, if you skip at work, smoke break, or social occasions to avoid. These symptoms of nicotine-withdrawal." Couples could distract each other from your Request, by making a walk, go to the movies or other activities to promote. "Active support works better than nörgeln", so Lampridou.

Guidelines for cardiovascular prevention, rates of tobacco, in any Form, ex: people stop Smoking, cut in half your risk for cardiovascular disease.


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