Optimistic people are less likely to have diseases of the heart

Who goes with a positive attitude through life, is not only happier, but also diseases, a lower risk for serious cardiovascular. The current analysis of 15 studies, published in the journal Jama Network.

It’s clear that optimistic people have a healthier lifestyle, such as better feed and move more. So far, however, is as yet unclear whether this is also the reason for better heart health.

In the Review, a total of nearly 230.000 participants were observed over an average of almost 14 years. The question of whether a positive attitude is associated with a lower risk for a heart attack or stroke, researchers were able to clear with "ja" answer. The risk for serious cardiovascular problems was with optimistic people, 35 percent lower than for pessimists. Also, the death rate was the case of the positive-thinking people around 14 per cent lower.

The results of the study speak in favour of developing treatments, the pessimism is reduced, and a positive attitude to promote. It is already scientifically proven that this is through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology techniques. In further studies, however, had to be clarified whether or not optimism, which is caused by well-targeted intervention strategies, has a similar health Benefits as the optimism that occurs in a natural way.