Higher risk of heart attack in a sustained circular hair loss

Alopecia areata is a skin inflammatory-related hair loss usually circular or oval areas of the scalp. Korean scientists have questioned whether this chronic inflammation has also effects on the cardiovascular System. In the journal "JAMA Dermatology" they describe that in the case of very long-term disease, increase the risk for a heart attack by more than four times.

In the first years after the diagnosis of Alopecia areata, the risk for a heart attack when the Affected was significantly lower than those of a comparison group. Over the years it grew, however, and after eight to ten years of disease duration "├╝berholten" the patients with Alopecia areata and controls: The risk for an acute heart attack was then compared to 37 percent higher. After ten to twelve years, the probability of a heart attack more than four times as high as in the case of persons without the circular hair loss.

Long-lasting disease risky is about to happen

Due to these results, the scientists recommend that persons with Alopecia areata, the are ill for many years, particularly on risk factors, Smoking, a high cholesterol level or high blood pressure and this treat should can.

For their analysis, the researchers used data from the Korean health insurance, and over 200,000 patients with Alopecia areata with 4.5 million control subjects were compared. Also present risk factors for cardiovascular disease were taken into account.