The 8 Best Swaddles, From A Mom Who's Tried Them All

If you’ve ever seen a newborn wrapped up like a burrito, you know it is the cutest sight. Their legs and arms are tucked and snug, and all you can see is their sweet little head. But cuteness aside, swaddling serves a very important purpose: It helps infants “feel safe and warm,” Dr. Katherine Williamson, MD, a pediatrician at Mission Hospital and the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Orange County chapter, told SheKnows. “It feels like they’re still in mom’s womb, and it can help them sleep better because of that,” she adds.

Swaddling also helps manage babies’ Moro reflex, a physical reaction which causes an infant to feel startled and wake. Unfortunately, swaddling is hard. Hell, it is an art form. But gone are the days of taking a thin sheet and wrapping it like MacGyver: with snaps, zippers and Velcro closures, these swaddles will help you and your newborn sleep.

Nested Bean Zen Series

The Nested Bean sleep series is unlike any other sack or swaddle on the market because it is lightly weighted. According to the creators, the pressure simulates your touch and has a calming effect: so calming, they guarantee results in one to three nights. Oh, and it is super easy-to-use. A real win-win.

Woombie Swaddles

Woombie’s swaddle pod is very popular. In fact, many parents swear this is the only way they were able to get their little one to sleep, as the blanket “eases the transition from womb to World.” Plus, the zip-up design makes late-night diaper changes a breeze.

Sleepea Swaddle by Happiest Baby

Made from organic cotton, the pediatrician designed Sleepea Swaddle will keep your kiddo comfortable, cool and safe.

The Ollie Swaddle

Let me start by saying this: The Ollie Swaddle isn’t cheap. In fact, at $65, it is the most expensive swaddle on this list. However, since the bottom of this swaddle is open, this swaddle will grow with your wee one — saving you money down the road.

Ergobaby Swaddles

The selling point of these swaddles is their unique design. The healthy hip positioner keeps baby’s legs and hips in an ergonomic, frog-like position and the arm pockets are “escape proof.”

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Swaddling Blankets

There are a few reasons why we love SwaddleMe: they are cozy, comfortable, easy-to-use and super affordable. You can usually get a 3-pack for $30, or less. And while buying swaddles in bulk may seem silly, when you babe-un has their first blowout or spits up all over themselves in the middle of the night, you’ll be glad you did.

Love to Dream Swaddling Blankets

While most swaddles secure your babe-un’s arms firmly to their sides, the Love to Dream swaddle is perfect for littles who love to keep their limbs up — and out.

Halo SleepSacks

When I gave birth to my first child, I didn’t know what I was doing. (Hell, two kids — and six year later — I still don’t.) But this swaddle changed my life. 

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