Shawn Johnson Shared the Bittersweet Milestone Daughter Drew Just Hit & So Many Parents Are Weighing In

Watching your baby go through milestones is fun, but sometimes it can break your heart. Shawn Johnson just reached a particularly bittersweet moment with her 3-year-old daughter Drew, and parents everywhere are sympathizing with her.

“When your toddler finally pronounces a word correctly then you realize you’ll never hear the cute, mispronounced version again,” the former Olympic gold medalist wrote on Instagram over a video of her daughter and a GIF of Padro Pascal laughing until he cries. She captioned it, “Never grow up 😭😭😭😭.”

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Aww! It happens to every parent eventually. One day your toddler is walking around saying “cap-a-tiller” and the next, someone has corrected them, and you never hear that adorable word again. It’s one of the worst parts of your kids growing up!

Many parents could relate. “These are the kind of unsung ‘last’ milestones that always get me 🥺,” one person wrote.

Someone else shared, “Gets me every time! ‘Lasterday’ is still my favorite word of all time even though it’s been years since my daughter said it 😭😭.”

“First kid you correct those. Last kid you yell at the other kids if they correct them 🤣❤️,” another wrote. So true.

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