Nick Cannon Says He Doesn't Have the 'Bandwidth' for Dating: 'My Main Focus Is My Children or Work'

Howard Stern put Nick Cannon on blast for his procreation record during the media personality’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show, but Cannon made one thing clear: his kids and his work are his main focus.

Stern asked The Masked Singer host if his many co-parenting partners prevent potential dating interests from being attracted to him, and Cannon said, “I’m not out there like that; I’m not dating.” He explained, “I’m really trying to focus on myself and my children. My bandwidth doesn’t even allow me to kind of be in that space.”

Cannon pressed on, saying, “It sounds wild, but my main focus is either my children or work… It’s a healthy balance.” He shared that one of his previous therapists suggested he try celibacy, but “that didn’t work, I had like more kids after that,” he joked, noting that he genuinely was celibate from all forms of sexual activity for nine months.

When Stern asked the Drumline actor if he feels like he’s “done” having kids, Cannon responded, “I don’t know. Every time I answer this question, I can never answer it correctly because I don’t know. I’m happy currently with the [children] that I got,” he said.

​​Cannon has 12 kids with 6 women: 11-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey; Rise, 5 months, Powerful, 2 years, and Golden, 6 years, with Brittany Bell; Beautiful, 3 months, and 1-year-old twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa; Halo, 2 months, and his late 5-month-old son Zen with Alyssa Scott; Legendary, 7 months, with Bre Tiesi, and Onyx, 5 months, with LaNisha Cole.

Knowing this, when he said his bandwidth doesn’t allow him to even think about dating, we take him at his word for it. Truthfully, we’re tired just thinking about it on his behalf.

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