Holi 2019: Easy gujiya recipes your child will love

This Holi, indulge in these easy-to-make gujiya recipes with your child and other family members.

Holi celebrations are incomplete without its traditional dishes. This year, celebrate the festival of colours with your child by making these gujiyas at home.

Jaggery dates gujiya

By Gopal Jha, Executive Chef, Grand Mercure Bangalore


For the dough

500gm atta (wheat flour), 150gm ghee melted cold

For the filing

50gm almond flour, 100 finely chopped dates, 10gm sesame seed, 15ml honey, 2tsp cardamom powder

For Syrup to dip

200gm jaggery, 150ml water


For the dough

Mix melted ghee with Atta and rub with your palms.

Knead a soft dough using water.

Cover and keep aside.

For the filling

Mix all ingredient to a soft mix and fill to the dough equally.

Keep in the fridge till it gets firm.

Deep fry in ghee under slow temperature till golden brown colour.

Make a thick jaggery syrup and soak for some time .strain and sprinkle roasted sesame seed and mix nut flakes.

Gujiya for Holi

By Chef Anup Kumar Maity, ibis and Novotel Bengaluru Outer Ring Road


1kg refined flour, 200ml ghee, 400ml water, 1tbsp cooking soda, 250gms Khoya, 50gm cashewnut, 5gms cardamom powder, 2kg sugar, 50gms pistachio, 2 gms silver leaves


Knead dough with refined flour, ghee, cooking soda and water and allow it to rest for 20 minutes.

Make a stuffing with Khova, chopped cashewnut and cardamom powder.

Stuff the Gujiya with the fillings and fold it on the sides.

Make sugar syrup and allow it to cool down.

Fry the Gujiya in oil and soak it in sugar syrup.

Garnish the gujiya with silver leaves and chopped pistachio.

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