Dwayne Johnson Came Home to Discover a New Addition to the Family & We're Giving His Daughters a High Five

When dad’s away, the kids will play — or bring home two new pets, in Dwayne Johnson‘s case.

After The Rock returned home from his weekend Oscars excursion, he discovered two unexpected inhabitants in his home: a hairless guinea pig named Popo and a sister guinea pig who preferred her cage to the enormous form of her new roommate.

Expressing his utter disbelief in a hilarious Instagram Reel set to the tune of The Backyardigan’s “Into the Thick of It,” the dad of three somberly shook his head as he observed “Popo” running around with “the crackhead zoomies” in a makeshift playpen set up by his youngest girls, Jasmine, 7, and Tiana, 4.

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“I’m gone for a 3 day business trip and come back to two new surprise family members 🤔 (the other one is hiding in her cage),” the Black Adam actor wrote in his caption. “‘Popo’ the hairless guinea pig, we just adopted from the Humane Society has the ‘crackhead zoomies’ in her new obstacle course the girl’s (sic) made for her,” he explained, probably more to himself than us.

“They eat & poo. All day. Everyday. For life,” Johnson waxed, concluding, “Just. Great. 😂” with the added hashtags “#crackheadzoomies 🏎️ 💨” and “#sh*tmachines 💩” to emphasize his comical woes.

Fans were just as entertained by the situation as the former WWE star, with one Instagram user commenting, “🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Backyardigans as the soundtrack for this moment, priceless! Lol! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂” and another writing, “New workout plan: Chase Popo around the house, catch Popo, Clean Popo’s messes, feed Popo, consider the pros and cons of making Popo into a meal. Repeat 12 times a day for the whole of Popo’s lifespan.”

Others assured him that guinea pigs are actually great pets, with one person sharing, “Guinea Pigs are the best! They have such wonderful personalities. Lot of people don’t give them enough credit for being just wonderful animals. Best of luck and enjoy them!”

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