Walmart Is Selling Starburst Duos Gelatin That You Should Definitely Make Jell-O Shots With

Starburst Duos are better than the original—yes, even the pink flavor. It had to be said. Especially now that Walmart is selling a gelatin version that was practically born to become Jell-O shots. Tell me I’m wrong.

In case you missed the whole Duos craze, here’s the quick rundown: The two-in-one flavors made their much-anticipated debut last February, following an earlier announcement from Mars Wrigley in November 2018. Everyone was excited! Thrilled even! But honestly, the candy pales in comparison to this new gelatin version. Probably because we can get drunk off these.

According to @JunkFoodAisle, who reported the launch on Instagram Wednesday, the variety pack features the same flavors: blue raspberry lemon and strawberry watermelon. Now if you’re feeling a little déjà vu, it’s probably because we’ve had Starburst gelatin before. They company released its classics first with cherry, blue raspberry, lemon, and all pink.

And while you don’t have to spike it with something stronger, we highly recommend it. Apparently, so does everyone else in the comments, too. “Unless there’s booze in these I have no interest. 😂” one user wrote. “Jello shots are about to be lit,” another added. Others chimed in, writing, “Jell-O shots are out. Starburst shots are in” and “I wonder if we could inject these with booze?” So glad we’re all on the same page, guys.

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