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Nutrition: The overall picture that counts

Salt, sugar, and pork meat are unhealthy, broccoli and nuts are healthy – many of the studies on the food package has always been considered just a grocery. A recent study now shows that it is a matter of the overall picture, from the diet. The Team found that certain dietary patterns are associated with a lower risk for a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health showed that adults who consume often vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, legumes and nuts, as well as the consumption of red and processed meat as well as sugar-restrict-containing drinks, less likely to have a heart disease or cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke to suffer. The results of the research were recently presented in the prestigious journal “JAMA Internal medicine”.

Which pattern do you feed?


Sticking to healthy eating habits is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The current study suggests that it is preferable to stick to a healthy dietary pattern, than to focus on individual healthy or unhealthy food. A single right way, there is not, it depends on the pattern, the diet is based.

There are many paths to a healthy diet

“Although each of the healthy dietary pattern included a different combination of Food components, showing our study, mainly four healthy dietary pattern with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease are connected,” explains study first author Zhilei Shan. This advantage remained in all studied races and ethnic groups.


The researchers studied four large nutritional guidelines according to similarities, and the “Healthy Eating Index-2015” (HEI-2015), the “Alternate Mediterranean Diet Score” (AMED), the “Healthful Plant-Based Diet Index” (HPDI), as well as the “Alternate Healthy Eating Index” (AHEI). Despite the different assessment methods of each of these patterns emphasizes the higher consumption of wholegrain cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts, as well as the lower consumption of red and processed meat and sugared drinks.

Huge amounts of data have been crawled

In order to assess the relationships between the individual Patterns and the Occurrence of heart disease, analyzed the research team the nutrition data of over 160,000 women and 43,000 men. The data were collected in the course of three large nutrition studies. All the Participants were interviewed two years to your eating habits.

Healthy diet for heart disease-lowers the risk by 20 percent

After the cleanup of numerous factors, including age, BMI, and Smoking status, the analysis showed that better adherence to a healthy dietary pattern was consistently associated with a lower risk for developing heart disease. Those who were knit to a healthy dietary pattern, had a 21 percent lower heart disease risk than those who were the least healthy diet pattern.

The Participants came from different regions and belonged to different ethnic groups, all of which had different eating habits. The effects were all similar. So it seems to be, for example, is not important, what fruit or vegetables you eat, as long as you eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Everyone can craft his healthy diet together

“These data provide further evidence that adherence to healthy eating habits diseases long-term health benefits in the prevention of cardiovascular brings about,” says nutrition Professor and corresponding author of the study, Fredrick J. Stare. There is no best unit diet. Anyone can find diverse and flexible way to a healthy dietary pattern and personal preferences, and cultural traditions into account. (vb)

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