The anti-water agenda has arrived

Drink more water. It’s good for you.

That’s a recommendation that pops up all over the place. It sits atop of our New Year’s resolutions, is plastered on post-it notes stuck to our computer screens, and is always the answer for a celebrity’s incredible skin and health (definitely not those super expensive facials and creams. Nope).

If you spend much time on Twitter, you’ll also have spotted the ‘drink more water’ tip all over your timeline.

Self-care bots will remind you to hydrate, while @drinkwaterslut has more than 139,000 followers thanks to tweets that advise you to ‘DRINK WATER NOW YOU STUPID B*TCH’.

We’ve reached the point of ‘drink water’ drowning. We all know very well that we should be drinking two litres or so a day, and yet we still seem to be thirsty for reminders in every medium… while also feeling overwhelmed by the repetitive messaging.

Now, the ‘drink water’ backlash has begun.

The @f*ckthirst Twitter account is one dedicated entirely to saying ‘actually, don’t drink water’.

It’s a joke, – something it makes very clear in its bio, lest anyone actually take their advice to ditch water seriously – knowing that drinking water is, of course, a good thing, but the reminders have become a little ridiculous.

To repeat: You absolutely should drink water, and the tweets on this account are not to be taken with any sincerity.

But for all those people out there who declare they hate water, their anti-water agenda has just found a spokesperson.

Tweets include absurd reasoning such as ‘if you don’t have to drink water you won’t have to pee, problem solved’ and ‘100% of people who drink water die’.

The account was only birthed this week, but already has over 4,000 followers. Clearly people like jokes about not drinking water.

The creator of @f*ckthirst is Julian, an 18-year-old student from Miami, Florida. He also runs an account called @duolingous, which sends threats to people to complete their language lessons on Duolingo.

‘I was inspired to create the @f*ckthirst account when I saw a bunch of other viral accounts that told people to drink water,’ Julian tells ‘So I thought, why not make an account telling people to do the opposite.

‘I want to make people laugh by telling them to not drink water.

‘However it is obviously parody. I don’t want anyone to take the account seriously so I put disclaimers in the bio.

‘I think people love the account because some people are bored of basic accounts and want something different and funny.’

Fair play.

Julian’s account isn’t alone in firing back at the ‘reminder to hydrate!’ accounts. There’s another Twitter handle, @ReminderAlcohol, that advises followers to ditch water and drink booze instead (again, do not take this advice seriously).

If you’re tired of being reminded of your thirst or just truly despise drinking water, you’ll find plenty of support for your anti-drinking ways on Twitter.

The tide is turning on the obvious advice of hydrating from self-care experts and Twitter bots. The resistance has begun.

But seriously, do keep drinking water. It’s good for you.

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