Risk through chlorate: frozen product from the local supermarket called back

The Seafood Connection is informed about the recall of the deep-frozen product “pangasius fillet with added water, frozen” with the trade name of “Sealight” in the 800 gram bag (net weight).

As the company informs, it has been demonstrated in the context of a control, an increased content of chlorate. A health impairment can therefore not be excluded. The consumer portal product warning is reported.eu.

The article has a regional focus in the case of REWE, Near & Well and company Engert, Amberg offered. The companies concerned have taken the goods from the sale. As the Portal "food warning.de" reports, are concerned only with the States of Bavaria and Thuringia of the recall.

Seafood Connection

Frozen product: pangasius fillet with added water
Trade Name: Sealight
Contents: 800 Grams Bag (Net Weight)
Minimum shelf life: 03.06.2020
Batch number VN530VI423 SC-HL-18106

Is affected only commodity with the on the back of the Packaging printed, the minimum stability data 03.06.2020 and the batch number VN530VI423 SC-HL-18106. Other products are not affected.

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