Öko-Test: Many of the sensitive sun creams fail in the Test

Öko-Test is sensitive to sun cream: Four out of five products is not recommended

Sun cream should protect the skin against the negative effects of the sun’s rays, which, according to the sun poor months particularly important. However, all of the available sunscreens do not provide adequate protection and possible risks of critical ingredients added. “Öko-Test” has now examined 20 sun protection for sensitive skin, only four of these products are recommended.

With sunscreen, the skin should be a fire in front of the Sun, the skin will be protected from aging and skin cancer. However, each agent does not have to be equally suitable. Also, people have a need, depending on your skin type different kinds of protection. In particular, light skin types, whose skin is also sensitive, special sensitive sunscreen. 20 of these funds with a minimum sun protection factor of 30 has taken the “Eco-Test” is now under the microscope. The result is sobering.

The right sun protection for sensitive skin, and often hard to come by. Many of the products in a current investigation of „Eco-Test“ do not convince. (Image: fotoduets/fotolia.com)

Sunburn after just a few minutes

In the first summer days of the year, many people neglect the sun protection and get immediately a sunburn. With each sunburn your risk of skin cancer and at the same time increases the skin aging in neglected protection from the sun much faster. In particular, light skin types can suffer after a few minutes in the sun burns. You are, therefore, sunscreen with a high protection factor is dependent. However, some people have a sensitive skin. You need so-called sensitive sunscreen, refrain from critical skin-irritating ingredients.

Sensitive sunscreen for sensitive skin

In particular Allergy sufferers, people with sun Allergy, or the so-called Mallorca acne often have trouble finding an acceptable sun to find a means of protection. Here is the sensitive versions to remedy the situation, but many do not deliver what they promise. According to “Öko-Test” were not allergenic Preservative or fragrance allergens in the products tested contain, “however, in almost three-quarters of the sun creams, plug harmful UV-Filter, which are suspected to act as hormone.” Furthermore, the use of polyethlyen be glycols”, and/or chemical related (PEG), paraffin, silicones, and other problem plastics” to find fault with in some products.

Harmful chemical UV-Filter

For example, according to “Öko-Test” for the chemical UVB Filter Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate clear evidence of a hormonal effect. Science, too, assume that “UV filters such as ethylhexyl methoxy cinnamate for the coral to die are co-responsible” because you swim in the seas. This Filter is in the products “Daylong Cetaphil Sun-Sensitive Gel-cream” and the “Lancaster Sun Sensitive Soothing sun milk 50 Tender have been” included.

Also effective sun protection products with high quality

A total of two sensitive sun could reach the protection of resources in the Test, the evaluation “very good”, and a cut grade of “good”. The latter is the sun cream “Ombra Sun was counted” with a price of 4.95 euros is also the most cost-effective products. One of the test winners, there are also the “Eco Cosmetics sun lotion was in the field of natural cosmetics”. In the six worst-performing products from highly expensive resources were represented, such as, for example, the already mentioned “Lancaster Sun Sensitive sun milk” for 47,98 Euro per pack. This shows that the price is not indicative of a good quality.

The light protection factor was not checked

In the Test was not checked, “whether the creams to comply with the specified sun protection factors,” as the recognized test method is provided to cause sunburn to people and also the protection factor of slopes, in practice, strongly how much cream is used in which time intervals, according to “Öko-Test”. (fp)