Imprivata, Microsoft unveil new cloud identity and access management tool

Imprivata has launched a new technology aimed at enabling end-to-end healthcare Identity and access management using Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Imprivata Identity Governance is meant to help healthcare organizations ensure the right users have the appropriate access to on-premise and cloud applications at the right time – and provider the audit trail to prove it when needed

The technology enables customers of Microsoft and Imprivata to manage the provisioning, tracking, and de-provisioning of their users in their hybrid on-premise and cloud environment.

“Through our collaboration with Imprivata, especially with the deep integrations Imprivata has with EHRs, we can now offer our healthcare customers an end-to-end solution that extends Microsoft’s hybrid identity and access management platform with healthcare-focused role-based access controls, automated provisioning and de-provisioning, streamlined auditing processes, and analytics that enable faster evaluation and remediation,” said Alex Simons, corporate VP of program management at Microsoft.

Imprivata notes that healthcare deployments of the identity governance and active directory technology, especially alongside another Imprivata/Microsoft tool, Healthcare Seamless SSO, can enable passwordless access to all applications with the simple tap of a badge.

This can be useful for numerous security applications – not least, e-prescribing for controlled substances.

“As organizations manage healthcare users in their environments and extend their on-premises Active Directory to the cloud with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, this integration now provides a comprehensive solution for completing the first step in the IAM process: certifying the right users have the right access to the right applications that work on both modern and traditional endpoints,” Wes Wright, chief technology officer at Imprivata, said in a statement.

“This not only enables a smooth transition as our joint customers progress in their digital transformations, but also advances security by supporting compliance with government regulations and streamlining the auditing process.”

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