How this fitness trainer’s diet falls short, according to a dietitian

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Katie Martin, 24, is a fitness trainer and will be presenting at the FitHer Expo in October. Ahead, she shares her day on a plate.

The 24-year-old trainer fuels her mornings with a banana, a protein bar and a black coffee.

5.15am Pre-work snack of a banana, a protein bar and a black coffee.

10am Some leftover roast chicken, a carrot, another black coffee and water; I drink three litres a day.

12pm Vegie-loaded savoury mince on gluten-free toast and rocket (my diet is gluten- and dairy-free). A peppermint and licorice tea.

3pm Coconut yoghurt, frozen berries and some peanut butter in a bowl. More peppermint tea!

5.30pm Homemade Thai green chicken curry with rice.

7.30pm Some 70 per cent dark choc, frozen berries and coconut yoghurt. A final peppermint tea.

Dr Joanna McMillan says:

Top marks for … Getting plenty of protein into each meal to support muscle recovery from your training. You are also nailing hydration with your intake of water and tea.

If you keep eating this you’ll … Fall short on your calcium intake, essential to reaching maximum bone density before it starts to decline from about the age of 30. You are also low on fibre diversity, as gluten-free foods often lack fibre and you don’t have many alternative high-fibre sources such as legumes, nuts and wholegrains. These are key plant foods providing an array of essential nutrients in addition to fibre.

Why don’t you try … Including more non-dairy calcium-rich foods such as fish with edible soft bones, robust leafy greens or calcium-fortified plant milk. Opt for wholegrain rice, quinoa, teff, buckwheat and legumes for fibre.

Katie Martin will be presenting at the FitHer Expo on October 7 and 8.

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