Health care system: the German wish for quick digitization

Every second German is unhappy with the digital progress in health care in this country. The market research Institute Ipsos study commissioned. Accordingly, the majority of German citizens wants the digital Transformation as quickly as possible bring about. Experts are calling for a Europe-wide strategy.

More than every third Respondent, the digitalization in the health sector in this country for "rückständig". Whether the patient record, digital appointments with Physicians, Monitoring of vital data, health Apps or Online consultation – almost all of the digital solutions classifies at least half of respondents as not Mature. Basically, no &quot prevails;a General reluctance in Germany to a digital support Gesundheitssystem", it is from the international market research company Ipsos study commissioned. However, the actors in the German health care have a hard time being in order to connect the approximately 2000 hospitals, 118 health insurance, nearly 20,000 pharmacies, more than 200,000 homes and specialist doctors as well as therapists, and the 83 million patients digitally with each other.

One of the main reasons why Germany is hanging in digitalization afterwards, according to the experts in the Federal System, and the associated decentralized organization. In particular, island solutions are, therefore, the nationwide launch of digital applications in the way. And also the high requirements of data security is for many providers a hurdle.

According to the study, the experts fear that further delays technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple & Co., the industries accept and in Europe, the "Sovereignty over Patientendaten" lost. After all, there are hardly any projects of the EU member States with comparable size and capital strength. In addition, the Global Player had already "massively in digital Healthcare applications and expertise invested. Compared to national initiatives you already have a Vorsprung", it is. Therefore, experts recommend, among other things, a uniform legal framework for providers of digital health solutions in the whole of Europe, to the market, a Global Player in power disarm by clear rules.

For the study, the consulting company Sopra Steria Consulting the opinions of 35 professionals from the health care industry as well as the view of the population of six European countries, had worn together: Germany, France, UK, Spain, Norway and Belgium. A total of 200 citizens per country took part between July 2018 and March 2019 in a telephone interview.


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