Hate making the bed in the morning? There's now a good reason not to

Never been one to make your bed? Now you don’t have to.

This morning routine could actually be detrimental to your physical health, according to experts on TikTok.

The platform is full of videos explaining why making your bed first thing is actually a little unhygienic.

Why? Doing so traps dust mites and other bugs that live in our beds, along with moisture, all of which can cause allergies and affect our skin.

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One poster, Lexi Natoli, said this is because making the bed creates a more ‘humid’ environment for the bugs to thrive in.

‘If you keep your bed unmade, your sheets actually get exposed to more sunlight, fresh air and less humidity, so you’ll probably have less bed mites living in your mattress,’ she said.

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Keeping the bed unmade causes dust mites to ‘dehydrate and die out’, according to another health account on the app.

And this has been backed up by legitimate research in the past. A Kingston University from 2005 confirmed that unmade beds have fewer pests.

Researcher Dr Stephen Pretlove said at the time: ‘We know that mites can only survive by taking in water from the atmosphere using small glands on the outside of their body.

‘Something as simple as leaving a bed unmade during the day can remove moisture from the sheets and mattress so the mites will dehydrate and eventually die.’

Feeling disgusted? You’ll have to decide which bothers you more: the sight of an unmade bed, or the thought of bed mites thriving under the sheets.

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One person commented on TikTok: ‘I’ll never make my bed again’.

One thing to consider though: a made bed does help your bedroom to feel tidy and separate research suggests routines like this can benefit us mentally by promoting feelings of calm and gaining a sense of accomplishment.

Still, lots of viewers on TikTok said they were going to share the latest videos with their parents, who made they make the bed when they were children.

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