‘Fantastic!’ – Vaccine hesitants change their minds and get their jabs

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) followed up with around 2,500 people who had said earlier this year they were uncertain or would refuse the Covid-19 jabs. It found 44 percent had since been vaccinated, while 55 percent remained unprotected. Younger adults aged 18 to 29 were more likely to have been persuaded (46 percent) compared to those over 70 (19 percent).

The ONS said: “This can partially be explained by a higher percentage of [young people] reporting they were unsure they would have a vaccine if offered, meaning that they were undecided. Older adults initially reported low vaccine hesitancy, however, when following up, a lower percentage had changed their attitudes and had a vaccine.”

Around two thirds of those who had received the vaccine were motivated by wanting restrictions to ease. Of those still unvaccinated, 58 percent said worry about potential side effects had stopped them.

Other reasons included fears the vaccine had been developed too quickly, concerns about the long-term effects, and people thinking they were not at risk from Covid-19 due to their good health or age.

Meanwhile, the NHS said that 797,568 booster vaccine bookings were made in England on Monday alone. Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director for NHS England, said: “It is fantastic! And I urge everyone who is eligible to take up the offer as soon as possible.”

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