Emily Weir joins Home and Away – as Dean's sister?

Fans will know that Brody is gearing up to leave Summer Bay with new love Simone. On UK time, actor Jackson Heywood’s scenes will take place in mid July – but over in Australia, a mysterious newcomer has just turned up, and fans are speculating that she has something to do with Dean.

Actress Emily Weir will appear on UK screens in the next few weeks as new Salt owner Mackenzie Booth – and it isn’t long before she starts ruffling feathers. Removing the ‘Sold’ sign from the front of Salt, we see Mackenzie smile and say: ‘This is going to be fun’. After receiving a warm welcome from Alf and Roo, Colby asks if it’s her car parked illegally a short distance away. Not realising Colby’s a cop, Mackenzie proudly admits to owning the flashy vehicle – but she isn’t so happy later when Colby turns up in his uniform and gives her a parking fine.

Fans have been abuzz on social media, wondering if Mackenzie is connected to anyone in the Bay, and rumours are circulating that she’s Dean’s sister. Hints that the two will be getting closer in upcoming episodes are revealed on Back to the Bay, with the episode showing in the UK on July 22 stating that Mackenzie will be trying to get to know Dean better, and Ziggy encouraging Dean to do the same in the following episode. Are they long lost siblings? Whatever happens, New Idea has revealed that her ‘shock bombshell’ will leave Dean stunned…

It’s not just Dean that Mackenzie could be striking up a relationship with – Mackenzie’s preview scenes show that, after their altercation about the parking fine, Colby sits down with the newcomer and shares a flirty conversation. When he asks why she bought a business in an area she knows nothing about, Mackenzie replies ‘I like a challenge, you should know that about me by now.’ But, as the preview trailer for her arrival states – why is she really here?

In an interview on Seven, we find out a little more about Mackenzie: “When Mackenzie arrives in the Bay, she is quite a mystery. She is guarded because she is hurt by her upbringing and her father. She is careful who she opens up to in her personal and private life. Having purchased Salt, Mackenzie is a woman who knows what she wants.”

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