Davina McCall thought she had a ‘brain tumour’ during the onset of menopause – symptoms

HRT: Dr Amir discusses Alzheimer’s statistic

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Showing tonight [Monday 2 May] McCall will be looking at various aspects of the menopause, as well as sharing her own experiences of being pre-menopausal.

This process is not without its risks and trips as at one point, such were the nature of her symptoms, McCall feared she had a brain tumour.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday Morning she described how at one point she thought: “I’ve got a brain tumour or Alzheimer’s or something. Help me.”

One of the symptoms of menopause is problems with memory and concentration.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sophie Raworth, McCall spoke of her concerns about what would happen after the menopause: “I felt that it aged me, I felt that I was going to be irrelevant, I felt embarrassed because I’d always been at the top of my game.

“I’d been in television at that point for 20 years, I really knew what I was doing. I was extremely proud of my list-making and my logistical practicality and the fact that I could multitask, and it just went. I was a mush.”

In order to counteract the effects of the menopause women are prescribed HRT, also known as hormone replacement therapy.

McCall is also using the documentary as an opportunity to raise awareness of the current shortage of HRT affecting women in the UK.

The shortages of HRT were described by McCall as “ridiculous” with the presenter adding: “Why is it taking this long to sort it out?”

Such as the growing nature of the crisis the government has appointed an HRT Tsar to fix the problem amidst a decision to ration supplies.

As a result of this rationing women will only be able to obtain three months worth of certain HRT products.

In the aftermath of the documentary this evening health providers are predicting a phenomenon known as The Davina Effect.

Such is the presenter’s influence that a sharp rise in demand for HRT products is expected in the aftermath of the documentary.

While this will cause worry among suppliers, it nevertheless forms part of a more crucial point.

The menopause and its impact on women is one that should be taken seriously.

It is an experience that can be distressing for women across the country and HRT is crucial in taking the edge of symbolic and symptomatically distressing ordeal.

However, as to why there is a shortage of HRT products is unclear.

Pharmaceutical companies have blamed it on an increase in demand while the British Menopause Society has cited the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, other symptoms of the menopause include:
• Hot flushes
• Night sweats
• Reduced sex drive
• Vaginal dryness
• Difficulty sleeping
• Low mood
• Anxiety.

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