Corona: test duty after a vacation in at-risk countries

In spite of Corona pandemic, many Germans have planned for this summer holidays. Anyone who travels but numbers in an area with high Infection, may bring unwanted the Coronavirus is from the home. Therefore, Corona will be Tests for travellers returning from areas of risk obligation, as the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn announces.

In the future, every German returning from a risk area back to Germany to be tested, mandatory on a Corona-infection. Who is back with a plane, directly at the airport tested. The result is positive, the data subject must in a 14-day quarantine, otherwise, he can return to his everyday life. This provides for a regulation of the Federal Ministry of health, on the Spahn in a switching conference with the health Ministers of the länder reported.

"We need to prevent travellers returning to trigger unnoticed infect others, and thus new chains of Infection. That’s why I’m going to order a Test requirement for nationals of high-risk areas. This is for the protection of all citizens,” said Spahn. The basis of the control of the infection protection act. The regulation for adapting the National test strategy is expected to occur in the next week. The Tests are intended to be for the traveler, free of charge.

Free Tests füto all holiday makers

Already last week, Spahn had announced that travellers can leave from high-risk countries within 72 hours after your return free of charge to the Coronavirus test, if you wish. A mandatory Test should not exist here, however.

So far, the returnees have to go from a high-risk area for 14 days in home quarantine. Which areas and countries as the risk areas are included and what are the basis of these decisions, travelers find on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.


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