Callback: Rossmann, Drogerie markets, warn is currently in front of the metal particles in these corn waffles

Risk of injury due to metal splinters in the Rossmann-corn waffles

Rossmann and the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, warn of a risk of injury, the products emanating from two corn waffle, which are sold at Rossmann. Apparently the metal chips in the waffles. A consumption is strongly discouraged.

The manufacturer Dirk Rossmann GmbH will call back for reasons of preventive consumer protection, two corn waffle article. In the context of an in-house control metal fragments were found in the products. Affected are the article:

  • ENJOYMENT PLUS salted corn waffles (EAN 4305615416403) with the minimum stability data 01. October 2019 and 22. November 2019
  • enerBiO corn waffles with sea salt (EAN 4305615186726) with the mind-set of areas of capability data 29. October 2019 and 07. December 2019

Where can I return the goods?

The product can be returned in all Rossmann stores. “In return you will be refunded the purchase price, of course,” writes the company in a customer’s information.

What are the dangers caused by metal shards in the food?

Metal shards in the food can make when you Chew for injuries of the mouth area or the teeth. The splinters are swallowed, they enter in the best case, on the gastro-intestinal tract from the body without causing damage. In some cases, you put in the body and cause inflammation or internal injuries. You can also stay in the neck plug, and a shortness of breath trigger. For more information on first aid for swallowed small parts, see: Swallowed small items: First aid in the case of dangerous foreign bodies in your body. (vb)

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