Best Sex Positions for Your Zodiac Sign

Whether or not you’ve found it, everyone has a favorite sex position. Sometimes it takes some time and awkward fumbling to figure it out. But what if the secret to having amazing, toe-curling sex was a simple matter of turning to the stars as your sexual guru?

“Astrology reveals how we all have different personality traits based on the zodiac sign that we are born under that shapes our libido and what we like between the sheets,” astrologer Nicolas Aujula tells SheKnows. “By understanding your needs you can have an improved sex life and choose partners that match your individual appetite for sex.”

When you understand your zodiac sign, you’ll ultimately understand your sexual desires and needs, including your best sex position. Read on to learn what yours is, and then bring your zodiac sign to your bedroom tonight.


“Aries are fiery and hot blooded between the sheets and extrude high octane energy,” says Aujula. “They love the chase. For them fun is in the pursuit and pleasure comes from conquest. Rarely seduced, they are the ultimate seducer, preferring to take control.”

Best sex position: Reverse cowgirl. Because you like to be in control and take charge of your partner, and it’s all about you showing them the ropes.


“You possess an earthy sensuality and lusty libido that smolders on a slow and steady flame,” astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore and author of Love and Sex Signs tells SheKnows. “You like sex to be straightforward and comfortable (nothing too kinky or complicated) and can be hesitant to experiment and try anything new.”

Best sex position: Missionary. Because you aim for quality over quantity, and don’t mind the tried-and-tested.


“Fidelity doesn’t come easily to a flirty Gemini,” says Moore. “You like to make love with a wide range of people, in a variety of places and positions. In order for a sexual relationship to survive in the long-term, you require a partner who sates your mental as well as physical appetites.”

Best sex position: Sky Foot. Because you are easily bored and hate to feel confined. You crave versatility.


“Cancers are caring and sensitive who are guided by their feelings and not raw sexual urges,” says Aujula. “For them sex needs to be comforting and nurturing. Cancers aren’t really looking for performance, preferring to be guided by emotions and wanting deep sexual intimacy.”

Best sex position: Sitting up cowgirl. Because you need to connect to your lover, and this position brings you deep intimacy and security.


“Leos are passionate and bold who are extremely playful lovers in the bedroom,” says Aujula. “They are creative, romantic, and fun to be with. No night is ever the same. With a strong hunter instinct, Leos seek to be in control and take charge. So expect to be thrown around the bedroom with lots of biting and scratching and trying new positions.”

Best sex position: Doggy style. Because it appeals to your animal and primal instincts for wild sex where you can explore your true sex power.


According to Moore, Virgos see sex as part of their health and fitness regime. “It relieves stress, raises cardiovascular levels and promotes feelings of wellbeing. A technique freak, self-control is your forte, and you’re willing to put in the time and effort to perfect complicated techniques.”

Best sex position: The Mare. Because it requires lots of practice before you get it just right.


Libras loves harmony and aesthetics, says Aujula, which is why they’re about creating a beautiful experience when it comes to sex. “They feel alive when they are having sex and truly know all about love making,” he says. “Because they are people pleasers, they may neglect their own needs for those of their lovers.”

Best sex position: Erotic V. Because you need intimacy while making love and in this position you can still indulge in romantic kissing.


“Scorpios are a deeply passionate and energetic sign that extrude a strong sexual energy, which others can feel,” says Aujula. “Easily seduced, they need to connect emotionally and physically to feel satisfied. It’s not always about the act but the need for intimacy. Expect them to push your boundaries and take you to new heights, including plenty of experimentation and bondage activities.”

Best sex position: Standing 69. Because this is where you can reveal your true sexual mastery and skills as the master seducer of the zodiac. Plus, you love being in control.


“The sexual wanderer of the zodiac, you’re a fiery lover whose passion is heightened by the thrill of the chase,” says Moore. “You are an energetic and adventurous partner but can be impatient, over-eager and dislike drawn out foreplay.”

Best sex position: The Bow. Because the standing, rear-entry positions where you have quick access appeals to your freedom of movement.


Moore says Capricorns are “lusty, earthy and persistent. You can be slow to warm up and cautious about revealing your deepest inner passions. Only when you really trust your partner will you give your strong sex drive full reign.”

Best sex position: The Turnaround. Because you possess conservative sexual tastes and like to be dominated in the bedroom, so being submissive will give you a thrill.


“You are very experimental and are keen to explore areas outside the sexual mainstream,” says Moore. “Curious, innovative and unconventional, you’re game to try anything, anywhere at least once.”

Best position: The Wheelbarrow. Because kinky beats comfort in your world, and this position particularly appeals to your adventurous and freewheeling sexual style.


Since Pisces are sensitive and dreamy, says Aujula, their sex drive is dependent on how well they can connect with their partner. “Sex with receptive Pisces can be a truly bonding experience in body and mind. They love to caress and share sweet words.”

Best sex position: Spooning. Because this is where you can get up close and intimate in a gentle and romantic way that doesn’t require much effort.

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