Amber Heard, Maggie Gyllenhaal Support Planned Parenthood After Loss of Federal Funding

Amber Heard, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Chelsea Handler are among the celebrities speaking out to defend Planned Parenthood since it will no longer be receiving federal funding.

On Monday, the reproductive healthcare non-profit announced that it would not be able to accept funds from the Title X federal family planning program, which provides about $60 million annually to help provide healthcare services to primarily low-income women.

The Trump administration created restrictions on Title X recipients to prohibit doctors and clinic staff from providing abortion referrals to their patients.

Aquaman actress Heard, 33, tweeted Tuesday, “My body. My choice, not yours, Trump. Health care is under attack like never before. But the one sure thing? Planned Parenthood is here for good. I stand w/ Planned Parenthood, & Planned Parenthood stands w/ u. #IStandWithPP #ProtectX,” she wrote.

Maggie Gyllenhaal also posted on Twitter, urging people to reach out to Congress to stand up for Planned Parenthood.

“THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE EQUALITY OF WOMEN,” the actress, 41, wrote. “The Trump admin just forced Planned Parenthood out of Title X, even though millions have received birth control, cancer screenings and other care through Title X at @ppfa health centers for nearly 50 years. Tell Congress to #ProtectX: 202-601-3441 #IStandWithPP.”

Television personality Chelsea Handler posted her thoughts as well.

“The time to #StandWithPP is NOW. The Trump admin just forced Planned Parenthood out of Title X, even though millions have received birth control and other care through Title X at @ppfa health centers for nearly 50 years,” Handler, 44, said.

In addition, Variety magazine announced Wednesday that it will make a donation to Planned Parenthood instead of throwing its annual party for Emmy Award nominees in partnership with Women in Film.

“Variety continues to advocate for women’s rights, including issues of healthcare and gender disparity in the entertainment industry, and we stand with Planned Parenthood and our longstanding partnership with Women In Film,” said Variety editor-in-chief Claudia Eller and group publisher and chief revenue officer Michelle Sobrino-Stearns.

According to Planned Parenthood and organizations like the American Medical Association, this new rule would force medical professionals to withhold information from patients, jeopardize the doctor-patient relationship and would deny women knowledge of their options, the New York Times reported.

Additionally, by withdrawing from the Title X program, Planned Parenthood will need to use “emergency funds,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

The impact of the loss of funds will likely vary state by state. However, the AP reports that clinics are using their reserve funds and charging new fees, and warn their states will face more unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases if they have to limit their birth control and education services.

U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein tweeted, “For years Title X has helped low-income women get the health care they need. By undermining Title X and Planned Parenthood, the administration is jeopardizing the ability of millions of women to receive cancer screenings, birth control and more #StandWithPP #ProtectX .”

In Utah, where Planned Parenthood is the only organization that receives Title X funds and has helped 39,000 mostly low-income, uninsured people, they will lose about $2 million yearly in federal funds. While the organization will maintain their services like STD testing and contraception, it is possible they will start charging a small copay for patients — who used to get services for free — to make up for the charges., the AP reports.

Minnesota, which serves about 90 percent of the state’s Title X population, is in a similar boat and may start charging fees as well.

Planned Parenthood CEO Karrie Galloway said that the organization plans to rely heavily on their donors to fill the funding gap.

Other possibilities to make up the extra costs could include “instituting copays of $10-$15 per visit, shortening hours and trimming spending,” she told the AP.

“We believe there will be a public health crisis created by this denial of care,” said Sarah Stoesz, the Minnesota-based president of Planned Parenthood North Central States. “It’s a very sad day for the country.”

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