A late dinner and no breakfast could increase your risk of a second heart attack

‘Our research shows that the two eating behaviours are independently linked with poorer outcomes after a heart attack, but having a cluster of bad habits will only make things worse,’ explains Dr Minicucci.

‘People who work late may be particularly susceptible to having a late supper and then not being hungry in the morning.’

‘We also think that the inflammatory response, oxidative stress, and endothelial function could be involved in the association between unhealthy eating behaviours and cardiovascular outcomes.’

The study also found a worrying trend of more participants with bad eating habits using statins – a drug that can help lower cholesterol. It suggests that people are relying on statins to provide health benefits and ignoring their diet and eating patterns.

Dr Minicucci is keen to warn people that statins should be used alongside healthy eating habits, not as a replacement.

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