85% of British men feel stressed due to 5 factors – tips to reduce stress

National research shows that 46 percent of British men admit that work is their biggest cause of stress, closely followed by finances and the current economic climate.

Almost half of the respondents in the survey (46 percent) feel as though they have a hard time de-stressing.

Top five causes of stress for British men

  1. Work (46 percent)
  2. Finances and the cost of living (44 percent)
  3. Family (30 percent)
  4. Health (28 percent)
  5. Not having alone time (22 percent).

The study, conducted by bathing and washing brand Baylis and Harding, found that 68 percent of men agreed that a good self-care routine is key to improving wellbeing.

A third (37 percent) of participants believed a simple shower offers a way to destress.

Almost 47 percent added that cold water showers in their routine provided physical and mental benefits.

Tania Slater, co-founder of Baylis and Harding said: “Despite the all-important mental health benefits of self-care, British men spend an average of just 30 minutes on their daily routine.

“Simple things like taking a shower can make a huge difference – you can enjoy a well-being boost by adjusting the water temperature.

“Countless studies showing that cold showers stimulate the release of endorphins which reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as improving circulation.”

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One research study, published in the journal Medical Hypotheses, suggests cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system.

By doing so, there is an increased availability of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins.

Thus people may be less likely to experience depressive symptoms after having a cold shower.

Stress-busting activities

The NHS approves of physical activity to help reduce any emotional intensity that you might be feeling.

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Another top tip is to “connect with people” as a good support network of colleagues, friends, and family can ease “work troubles and help you see things in a different way”.

The health body adds: “Talking things through with a friend may also help you find solutions to your problems.”

Cultivating “me time” is also important; this entails doing things that you enjoy.

It can also be helpful to set realistic goals and challenges, whether at work or outside.anxiety

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