Man begs for advice after wife stops to drink tea during sex

A man revealed the passion was waning in his relationship because of his wife’s tea drinking ways.

Writing to Times sex columnist Suzi Godson, the chap said his partner stops to sip the brew during sex.

The British bloke moaned that this pause “kills the moment”.

But instead of being met with reassurance, many couldn’t help but giggle at the “very British” problem.

TV host Rachel Johnson shared a snap of the letter on Twitter.

The newspaper segment reads: “Every day I take my wife a cup of tea in bed.

“She loves this ritual and I like performing it.

“However, we sometimes make love in the mornings (after I’ve brought the tea) and she pauses to finish her cup before it goes cold.

“For me, it kills the moment.

“I’m sure our love life would be more passionate if she didn’t take this short tea break.”

The “very British sex problem” has since gone viral on social media, racking up 18,500 likes and dozens of comments.

Many couldn’t resist taking the Mickey out of the situation.

One Twitter user joked: “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey.”

A second said: “Two’s a company, tea’s a crowd.”

Other responders were more helpful with their words of advice.

Journalist Sali Hughes said: “This is a non problem.

“Drink the tea, have the shag.

“It’s the pattern of marriages all over Britain.”

Another commenter remarked: “Just a thought but he might consider waiting a few minutes until she’s finished the tea.”

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